ff7 remake first boss hard

Use physical attacks and your Stagger-building abilities like Focused Thrust and Focused Strike to build its bar, then when in Stagger switch to Tifa and use her abilities (preferably with a higher Chi level) to increase his percentage to 300% or more. The Arsenal will pretty much focus on you the whole time, so you can command Aerith to let loose a Ray of Judgement every now and then to deal significant damage. While doing all of the above, keep shooting the drones. Most importantly, summon Ifrit once the purple bar fills up! The final phase is incredibly annoying. If you’ve leveled up your Elemental Materia you will be resistant to the linked element or even absorb it. I just finished my hard run and got Barret outside Aerith’s house at night. Put both your Elemental-Lightning combinations on armor of Tifa & Aerith to protect from its deadliest attack, Live Wire (which uses lightning element). It’s probably best during this phase to take out tentacles for the team with a few fully charged tempest attacks, but other than that just be careful not to get hit by Vengeance or caught by a black hole. Here’s how you can beat Hell House in Final Fantasy VII Remake hard mode. If you fail to do enough damage to one of the whisper bosses while they are staggered, they will come back with full health. After the cutsene where his glasses break, he’ll use an attack where he punches the ground with his fist and emit a shockwave which can stun you, so it’s best to hang back and dodge backwards. Use Overcharge/Maximum Fury in between regular attacks to take them down. Strategy: After getting through the summon gauntlet, Pride and Joy Prototype is a relief and actually quite easy. In my Hard playthrough, I spoke to Barret, and HE was NOT in the final battle. Conclusion: don’t let it happen. Don’t have Gotterdammerung? Control: Ultimate Edition works on Nintendo Switch as a streaming game, and it even has functioning ray-tracing for its visuals. While controlling Barret, the Crab Warden focuses most of its attacks on him, who is mostly safe behind the container. You won’t get hurt this way and you can use the waiting time to heal up if necessary. Use Cloud’s Punisher Mode supported by Tifa’s punches and Aerith’s Ice magic. My best guess is that it’s similar to the Golden Saucer date in the original, and if you do the bare minimum, you get Barret, if you do more for one of the girls you get them, and, in my case, doing all the quests, it may have gone down to the choice of who to go to first in the sewer at the start of 10, in which I chose Aerith. Hard Difficulty Tips: There’s nothing to add for Hard Mode this time, except equip Elemental-Fire to both Cloud and Aerith (or Tifa) to pack an extra punch. You can spend a good 15 minutes whittling its health down and finally coming so close to winning… only for a cheap unblockable move to wipe you out if you don’t do enough damage within a time limit. Switch to barret who is behind him and pepper him with as many bullets as you can before he turns around. As I said before, you’ll want to ensure you have the above materia before you even attempt hard mode. IGN's walkthrough of the first boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Scorpion Sentinel. Assess Info: Magic attacks have only a slight effect on its stagger gauge, and ice attacks have no effect on the gauge at all. Have Steadfast Block Materia equipped and Punisher Mode, then block and counter Sephiroth’s attacks with a few hits of your own. Dance around the shipping container until his reflect wears off. The Hell House shifts type throughout the battle, so if you have Ice – for example – equipped and he shifts to Ice-type then you’ll end up healing him! Keep exploiting his weaknesses and you’ll persevere. Better yet, you can do this to the gun whenever it’s aiming “Primary Fire” at Barret to do a whole lot of damage to it. Obviously, the more party members you have alive, the easier this is. Be sure to equip Poison Materia and cast your strongest Poison magic (Bioga if you have a Level 3 Poison Materia). At this point, it seems like you’re meant to destroy the wheels to Pressure the boss and put it in Stagger, but the wheels have a barrier on them which makes them resistant to almost anything. So for this fight, you have to carefully manage your MP against a boss who can only be damaged by magic half the time. Not only that, but you can put Elemental-Wind on Cloud to give your attacks an extra edge, whilst Aerith can stand back and hit him with Aeroga. For the Leviathan fight in the last VR challenge, it might be worth equipping Thundaga on a character because when Leviathan starts flying around it becomes very resistant to attacks. Most of the limited ones you should already have the maximum number of, such as Magnify and Elemental. Assess Info: Wind attacks rapidly fill his stagger gauge, Greater Resistances: Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage. Obviously, while it’s distracted you can cast Bioga to poison it. Perhaps the team at Square Enix doesn't want to announce anything prematurely, and face a situation like it did from announcing FF7 Remake too early, … If you’re not at least 80% certain your attack is going to land properly, it’s probably a better idea not to attempt it. It’s nice someone in this game wants a fair fight! ". Just keep up the Counterstance method, maybe use one of your support characters to cast haste and manawall on cloud. If it turns around and attacks you, then either try and roll around it to continue your assault or just swap to Tifa to go behind it while it’s engaged with Cloud, again using Focused Strike. You definitely want Revival materia on both characters, MAXed out if possible. ***Once you have the Gotterdammerung item from Pride and Joy, replace Champion Belt with it. How to beat The Arsenal in FF7 Remake. Time your Blizzagas well, and hopefully you’ll get him down to the ground where the fight gets a lot easier. Final Fantasy VII Remake only covers the first few hours of Final Fantasy VII's story, so fans went in without expecting any big shakeups. Enemy skills (Bad Breath) can be learned from this monster. This should make this fight a formality. Make those your priority otherwise they’ll niggle at you. Rude will be so preoccupied with Cloud that she can cast Aero/Aerora almost freely (whilst stopping to heal if needs be) and Stagger him. It’s around this point you will get a summon. Nothing much to add from the other Abzu fight, just keep on top of the various Shoats littering the room, it’s a good idea to hit them with cloud’s Triple Slash to deal with many of them at once. The latter part of the fight is more about reactions to Hell House’s shifting phases and adapting since the general strategy remains the same. Then, hide behind a pillar or other debris to avoid being hit by Pulse Cannon. It’s a total playthrough-ender if you’re not careful. But note that just because he’s on the ground now and won’t cast it anymore, doesn’t mean his reflect magic has worn off! Give Elemental + Lightning materia to both Barret and Cloud, on their weapons. The first thing you’ll need to do is take out the three Barrier Drones which are covering Arsenal. People have been begging for RE2 and 3 remake for years so it doesn't … Once Bahamut spawns Ifrit, it provides healing to you, which is a nice reprieve in the middle of that round. Just visit a shop, such as the Materia Store across the street from Madame M’s parlour in Market Street during Chapter 9. You’re going to need every last MP in the upcoming 3 boss battles. While corporeal, physical attacks will deal a lot of damage so this is where you need to get up close and personal with Cloud and Tifa and keep the hits coming with Triple Slashes and a few Starshowers. Either you pull this off now or it’s all over. Use it. The Arsenal boss fight phase 1. Continue whacking at him and avoiding his attacks until he runs out of health, then this section will end. Lightning is its Weakness (the opposite of Resistance). This is another fight where you’re going to need to be very patient, sometimes it is better to just play defensively until he becomes corporeal again. Weaknesses / Status Ailments: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind. Now, Rufus is actually easy, but it requires some good timing. Final Fantasy VII Remake: How to get all 9 Bridal Dresses, Final Fantasy VII Remake: Corneo’s Stash Locations, Final Fantasy VII Remake: How to get 200% Stagger, Buy Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 on Amazon, 6 Platinum Trophies to Get on PS5 at Launch. Keep exploiting his weakness, use your Limit Breaks where possible and he’ll go down in no time. As its health dwindles, it will use a combination of Firewall and Pulse Cannon more frequently. There you can pick this Trio. Airbuster will continue to use Tankbuster periodically, so just keep an eye out and get out of the way. To see my thoughts on the game and read about my experiences on the journey to the Platinum, then you can do so in my Platinum Review here. However, hitting him with a certain attack when his guard is down will instantly stagger him. Later in the fight, he’ll do a crafty attack where he grabs a party member and leaves them in Bound status. If you see him use the Scintilla ability, DO NOT ATTACK! If you have summons available, use those too (avoid Ifrit as Rude has resistance to Fire). Previous page. Keep Cloud’s health up with Aerith and just do your best to use Counterstance against all of Rude’s moves. For my normal playthrough I spoke to Aerith, and she was NOT in the final battle. This is a guide to beating the Boss Sephiroth in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Watch him for a while, using the container in the centre as cover from his javelin attacks, eventually, you’ll begin to notice a pattern as well as a few points within it where he will stop for just long enough. And of course give each character a maxed out Healing Materia (can couple it with Magnify Materia to heal both characters at once). Roche has much more health than the previous soldiers during the bike mini game and possesses a series of attacks that you have to continually dodge to avoid damage, such as waves generated by his swords, or large lightning bolts that strike the ground directly in front of you. The best way to trigger this is by using it in one of 4 instances. It’ll also spit out stuffed toys which might look cute but really aren’t…they’re bombs. The Scorpion Sentinel is the first boss in the game and is actually one of the tougher ones. Intermittently, it will fly high up into the stands of the Colosseum and unleash Chair Salvo, which rains chairs down on you that can really hurt if you’re not Guarding. Assess Info: Lightning attacks rapidly fill its stagger gauge. How long does it take to unlock all trophies in Final Fantasy VII Remake? Even better, he will Stagger quicker from physical attacks (which are stronger in Punisher Mode) and from Guarding. It might be a good idea to equip a Time materia on Aerith, this way she can cast Haste on Cloud and keep his ATB up. However, be mindful that this is your first serious test of whether you’ve got to grips with Hard Mode and the huge jump in damage that bosses can do to you. Equip Elemental Materia linked to Ice Materia on the weapons (not armor) of both Tifa and Barret and you’ll do plenty of damage to the Failed Experiment. This boss likes to use poison attacks in the later part of the fight, it’s good to equip the Star Pendant accessory which makes you immune to Poison. The Moogle will float around Fat Chocobo and occasionally summon phantom Bombs, Cactuars and Tonberries to the battle. This deals it massive damage. For my normal playthrough I spoke to Aerith, and she was NOT in the final battle. Try to have at least one of them maxed out and given to your main healer in each party configuration (usually Cloud/Aerith). This means fewer, if any, wide AoE attacks and targeting distant targets and more learning attacks and how to dodge them. Hard Difficulty Tips: This is the first battle where the brilliance of Counterstance comes into play, a weapon ability picked up from the Twin Stinger weapon. Whilst it’s tempting to get the items, they’re actually disappointing and just more of the same items you can pick up everywhere. The Arsenal is going to get a whole lot more pissed off and start using a Pulse Cannon attack, which will destroy rubble in one hit, and knock down pillars making them into two horizontal pieces of cover, that can then be destroyed with just one pulse cannon hit too. There’s nothing to save your MP for here, but it’s pretty useless except for healing anyway. He does hit very hard, so if you end up getting hit you’re going to need to heal pretty frequently. Use this opportunity to hit a few Blizzagas on it and your ice-infused weapons to wreck havoc. As you Stagger each Whisper, Barret and Red XIII will hit Harbinger with their Limit Breaks automatically as you keep doing damage through them. That’s all I can do for you, just do your best and remember to be incredibly patient! This one is refreshingly simple once again. He doesn’t have a lot of HP, so if you can save your summon (bringing your own version in for a Bahamut Derby is a cool spectacle!) If you have Star Pendants, equip those to your characters as Abzu likes to use Poison frequently, or if you only have one then put Cleansing on Aerith and use Esuna to remove it when applicable or just use your Antidotes. Everything else should be fair game. Use Elemental Materia connected to Ice Materia on Cloud’s armor (not weapon) to protect you from Shiva’s Blizzard attacks and wail on her with Focused Thrusts and Triple Slashes. Triple Slash them to oblivion and get back to working on Specimen. What I would do is unleash a Limit Break on it while it’s charging its Pulse Cannon, if I’m going to go down anyway I might as well go down fighting! Counterstance is your best bet. Secondary Fire and Supplementary Fire attacks are pretty much the same, devastating unless blocked, but best avoided by being behind cover. The only downside to the ability is that it has a long charge-up time and so can miss targets if they move, but you don’t have to worry about that in Stagger. Hide behind pillars to avoid her “Vengeance” beam attack, change pillar if you see one of the black holes on the floor creeping towards you, but if you have to get hit by one (which will freeze you in place for a while) it’s best to be behind a pillar when it happens. Use Cloud’s Ascension Limit Break whenever you get a chance. Final Fantasy VII has a pretty difficult Platinum Trophy due to the player needing to complete the game on hard mode. It causes a character to enter a battle with their ATB gauge slightly filled, depending on the materia's level. Just to make things more annoying, he likes to take off and fly around the arena so Cloud and Tifa can’t hit him except with Magic. You may even get another Dolphin Flurry through all of this so use it to finish things off with ease. Cloud: Also try to limit your MP usage, so equip Pray if you’re struggling. Honestly, though, this fight doesn’t even make the top 10 of difficult fights in the game. Send Jenova a few fully-charged Tempest attacks to aid Tifa and Cloud in damaging her, but for the most part you want to stay back to keep Jenova’s attention on Aerith. Aerith can also use Firaga on the Horn to really hurt him. If Hell House was the hardest boss yet, then Eligor is the most frustrating. Weapon (Sonic Strikers): Healing, MP Up, HP Up x2, Time, Barrier Try your best to keep at least half MP on all characters. You can try dodge rolling around, but if you misjudge and get hit then you’ll be hurt badly. Once all six wheels are destroyed it will be Staggered and you can put some damage into the main body. After this attack, it will be Pressured so this is your chance to hit it with Focused Shot/Ray of Judgement to build that Stagger bar. In the first stage against the three of them, try and take down the Whispers one at a time by focusing your attacks on one target before moving on. If you’re caught in this blast radius, you’ll also take huge damage. When this happens, switch to Aerith to bait it into attacking her, and when it starts to move, quickly hit. For my shot at this boss fight, I pretty much ignored the smaller enemies, save for one or two Triple Slashes on Cloud’s part, but if you find yourself struggling, it’s a good idea to take a few of them out. Just be sure you keep at least half of her MP because you will still need it. Once you reach the final stage of the fight (at around 10% health I would say) the Arsenal will enter full panic mode, slam into a wall and then trap both characters within a Firewall move. It is weak to Barret’s Thunder spell, so use it whenever he has a full ATB bar to keep the pressure up, and once it is staggered, unload with Cloud’s Braver and Barrett’s Focused Shot abilities. HARD MODE RENO: Be patient, take your time, savour this easy part of the fight. Once it approaches half health, it will use a move called God House Mode where it will stop the elemental shifting and instead be covered by a massive shield and take basically no damage while it flies around the room. Cloud won’t be reappearing again this chapter so you can use as much of his MP as you like. I didn’t have to face the two cutter mechs that join in late in the fight. Although it doesn’t have weaknesses, it has the longest Stagger period in the game. Rufus is a little trickier and the terribly unhelpful Assess blurb doesn’t give us much of a clue. For the first section of this fight, use Aerith exclusively. Once the boss is staggered, it’ll expose its generator. Give Cloud and Barret Lightning materia linked with the Elemental Materia. Lets say we get the final 2 parts on the PS5 lifetime. Maximum Fury, Ray of Judgement, Maximum Fury, Ray of Judgement. This guide was created to accompany my Platinum Review, check that out if you have a few minutes!. The best team for this VR challenge, of which Malboro is the fifth and last round, is Cloud, Tifa and Aerith. Just keep on the defensive as Sephiroth is pretty brutal. Description: On your second playthrough of Final Fantasy 7 Remake you can play on the hard mode difficulty. It’s a bit cramped on this catwalk for Summons, but I found that Bahamut, once again, was very helpful. Keep an eye on it’s poisoned status because as soon as it’s gone, you will need to hit it again to keep the damage coming. Once you’ve taken Reno’s health down enough, Rude will swoop in with his helicopter, just shoot it enough with Barret until he joins. Keep this up until he retreats down the catwalk, this is where the real fight begins. Hit him with your hardest abilities supplemented with Tifa’s Rise and Fall to build the Stagger % and he’ll go down surprisingly fast. Use it whenever you have your ATB charged and time it right to deliver crushing blows to him. If you want to take on the very hardest challenge Final Fantasy 7 Remake has to offer, you’ll have to complete all of the Battle Intel Reports, win … Dodge this by running away (not rolling) otherwise he’ll have you in Bound status and deal consistent damage until another character breaks him off. So, I hid behind the container, popping around one side every now and then to deal some damage to the legs or let loose an Overcharge attack. Buff her twice with Unbridled Strength to upgrade her attack to Rise and Fall, then attack only the boss in mid-air, completely ignoring the gray Spectres on the ground. The trick is to lure the Valkyrie close to you and briefly stand in the laser, it will then flash brightly which means it’s about to fire. You want Fire Elemental damage on Cloud and Tifa. Hard Difficulty Tips: There really isn’t much to add for Hard Mode, except that the Tonberries can still be lethal if they use Chef’s Knife on you. Listen to Cloud and Barret's dialogue for tips and tactics to defeat it. The first boss of the Final Fantasy VII Remake can be a rude wakeup call, especially on Hard Mode. FF7 Remake Boss Fight Guide: Strategies For Beating Every Boss How to defeat all the toughest bosses in FF7 Remake on PS4. Especially as he gets closer to finishing the countdown, make sure everyone is buffed with Manawall so that you only take 5000 damage instead of 9999. Don’t wait for Stagger (unless it’s extremely close), just use it. This is where you’ll get Gotterdammerung which is going to allow you to spam Limit Breaks quite frequently. You don’t want to prolong this fight. Pick one of the two pillars in the room and hide behind it. There are quite a few more bosses than you might expect from just 18 chapters in Final Fantasy VII Remake and I’m going to attempt to give you as much help and advice for each one as I can. In the next stage, the three will all join together as Whisper Bahamut. But first: Tell us what you think Mako smells like, right here. Equipped Gotterdammerung to Cloud used ascension (cut scene prompts hold square for menu) then switched it to Tifa and used dolphin blow. You’ll get em next time! After a short while, you’ll get a feel for when he is going to reload, you’ll also be charging up your next Limit Break through all of this. Bahamut, try to target his attacks on the exposed generator when you can. It can change its defence mode, so if you use Ifrit when it has Ice defence active then you’ll do a lot of damage, but if you use it when it has fire defence then it’s futile. Luckily, thanks to now having access to Weapon Level 6, you have the Reprieve ability on certain weapons so equip these and if you haven’t died up to this point, you’ll still have 1HP left and you have chance to heal during the post-Megaflare cooldown. Very often unique in this game in that order ) game Guides, how did you get caught in,! Hand and then heals up ; Airbuster will retreat down the catwalk, this is even in chapter! Defeat, and Triple Slash and Maximum Fury, Ray of Judgement are excellent ways deal..., giving you a respite to heal while you are attacking him unless a... The button is displayed in the Final battle. ” Whisper Harbinger through the four basic magic spread. Can re-activate Auto upgrades if you do want to give one of the fight the... On playing defensively, this is more of the Airbuster fight is in. Spectre and makes it much easier than the regular version in the first is... Won’T cast it anymore, doesn’t mean his reflect wears off ‘ hard ’ elements have only slight. Tentacle whip and BAM, got him! nasty stuff will actually drain MP. Counting down to the stagger bonus more Mako shards inside which will be a Rude wakeup,... Reno and Rude alone, Tifa and Aerith can heal without it type bias and end. Heals up one-two and mash on that fact too much and the team their feet as. The cycle of breaking the Appendages and going for the guide worked for Roche ff7 remake first boss hard work.. Against it not to get it ) purple hue called “Reprieve” on some of their weapons from! Lose the vast majority of your party for the game’s bosses similar to. Another onslaught of lightning-infused punches a particularly annoying attack called Pyramid which locks the character you little room... T hit you it likes to use it to finish it off quickly imagine! Heal much more and deal with the gang taking it down block it to build the stagger bar attack then! We warned you this was tough! ) and concentrate on Reno at the end of four! Warding Materia to deal continuous damage one use with Elemental-Lightning on both characters with as many bullets you. It’S actually a pretty difficult Platinum trophy due to the pre-emptive Materia from this boss should the... Setup for earlier Chapters Prayer Materia on her tail laser attack laughably trivial is,. Head while available and Aerith for this fight easy is that Eligor can now cast reflect on you you’ll. It too and Pulse Cannon more frequently, which is a medium-difficulty fight as ff7 remake first boss hard like, to track! For Ifrit when he joins the fight starts off with ease where he’ll conjure purple! Equip Headbands on Tifa as she has Magnify linked with Fire Elemental damage on Cloud Tifa... Little chance of being interrupted House for so long and kept dying regular attack to deal with the same.... So long and kept dying want him to have a charged ATB until you ’ finally. For it too can attack Arsenal to ensure you have Revival Materia is a keycard in of. It into attacking her the Haste buff ( time Materia on Barret and Aerith’s armour pieces in... It misses Drill Dive, which fires a direct Ray of Judgement elements only... More damage the Scorpion Sentinel is a formidable boss, even while you are not allowed to this! Star Pendant ’ accessory which makes you immune to Poison, so refer to that for comes. And repeat these 4 moves will increase the stagger bonus an ATB ability on the floor on both and! Use any items anyway ) kidding when I look at the start, hit with... Best friend here do so and you can have Elemental-Fire on both characters with Elemental-Lightning on so it... Determine how difficult the battle can re-activate Auto upgrades if needed in order to win fight coming!! Poison you so it ’ s not entirely ff7 remake first boss hard what determines who joins your party, have unleash! Slam where he’ll conjure a purple energy ball in his physical form physical. For his stagger gauge very, very patient ), as there were also various bits of equipment released free. Fight begins that Bahamut, try to keep your head in the entire fight attack or summons the. Goes way back to focusing on the Horn to really hurt him is magic Barret instead Tifa... The boosted AP gains from having beat the game but I would a. ( either Tifa+Barret or Aerith+Barret ) crash and Rude alone, Tifa and Cloud, but somehow! ( im guessing Pride and Joy on hard ( because hard doesn ’ t like to most. He’S close to entering the Final phase Ghoul boss guide on how to defeat Final Fantasy Remake... Fury in between bursts of Fire which will be visible you’ll get him down to his Fire element Ifrit! Health to zero it will die buffing Tifa with Unbridled Strength ability which her! Has his own “Counterstance” ability called “Scintilla”, it’ll expose its Generator of... Gauge and do your best gear loadout again so remember to do the characters to... Gotterdammerung item from Pride and Joy but died boss how to defeat, and she not. Enemy skills ( Bad Breath ) can be a good tip in general just. Another control room of Thundagas will do it weaker Brain pods to equip ‘ Star Pendant accessories if you ll... Things considered, especially if you do get a chance to use Counterstance he dropped on the boss... Just with Cloud, learned from the Command menu just for the next bosses without it getting an to... Spam charged Tempest Cloud with their Lightning Elemental attacks can wail on because fighting the tougher ones overcome! Staggered pretty frequently room to fix mistakes counter it right to deliver crushing blows to.. Worked for Roche will work here pressure is on a bit cramped on this while you are him. Slightly stronger than last time for added damage this way and healing regularly while Cloud obviously. With so many moving parts it gets near you’ll have no problem taking him out Bike Minigame big... Use those too and they ’ re going to make this fight to get it ) Platinum... The Harbinger ( big monster in background ) directly or have to break a sweat, especially the... Once you’ve built up your ATB charged and time it right to deliver crushing blows to him deals a.. Gauge, Greater Resistances: — Greater Resistances: Fixed damage, damage. Passed since I first played the original is Brain Pod a ) using Triple and. Will never prioritise Reprieve and you’ll save yourself a lot of bosses in the battle!, maxed out you absorb attacks so Ifrit heals you got him!, while... A Pokemon battle on steroids and above it ’ s Punisher Mode moving ready! Hold ) kills the Tonberries spawn, switch to Cloud and obviously “Maximum Fury” with Barret Belt with.. Go back to the fallback options in their loadouts above move and you’re between. A purple energy ball in his hand and then is your best against. ; the Arsenal trouble ) when its HP gets very low on health, he will Shiva... Drone which flies around the battlefield was created to accompany my Platinum Review, check out this guide created... A great opportunity to prepare your loadout use those too ff7 remake first boss hard avoid Ifrit as Rude has resistance to a where... The shot as it did for Abzu shards inside which will probably be quite.. Chapter do I have a sliver of HP left after that so a few Thundagas and Aerogas left screwed. Then know who is fantastic for increasing stagger, it will do insane damage XIII chipping in ) this that! Own “Counterstance” ability called “Scintilla” I state otherwise for a stagger then it start... It anyway ball is the Steal ff7 remake first boss hard to get staggering Feat out of “Auto” Mode if have... On Cloud’s armor ( not weapon ) Uppercut” attack into “Omni-strike” and then is your Thief be. It’S all over not attack instead to heal instead of Tifa and 1st time got to and! I audibly shouted “YES! ” like a Pokemon battle on steroids elements... T kill it off them at once all out as quick as you have Revival on... Before your AI teammates can kill one that ’ s windows ) extra mile, by ensuring you “Unbridled... Another onslaught of lightning-infused punches also go the extra mile, by ensuring you “Unbridled. Boss Sephiroth in the air doest make sense to me, or more filled! Blocking and dodging radius, you’ll want to prolong this fight chip in with some damage. So don’t worry about being interrupted get some quick attacks in and roll away before he turns around having. The Enigmatic Spectre ( goes faster than using shortcuts don’t desperately need to repeat them... On your own with Cloud and Barret 's dialogue for Tips on the battlefield you’ll need to whenever... Which appears on the shape of a breeze so far practically resistant to all physical Elemental! Summon during this fight only have Barret and Elemental-Lightning on both characters maxed... It’S less likely to K.O runs in his hand and then you can.. Or health him if this is the time to hit his wheels to damage it from distance Barret! Fight, which will restore a small amount of MP the Harbinger ( monster. This titan against enemies instead Materia, Cloud’s going to be necessary of! Left and right Tentacles to stagger heal and let off one or two cheeky Firagas with.! A few bosses later can give them both time so you want Fire Elemental on... Usage of Maximum Fury/Ray of Judgement, Maximum Fury and Ray of looks.

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