elephant seal vs walrus size

We have the walrus, which is a large pinniped with tusks, and then we have the tuskless elephant seal. Some large pinnipeds, like the southern elephant seal, swim in the chilly waters of the south pole region. Little is known about caring for elephant seals in zoos. A cow's pregnancy lasts 11 months and produces only one baby, called a pup. The elephant seal would likely have the durability and strength advantage to overcome and subdue its ancient opponent more often than not. Weighing over 8800 pounds (4000 kg), these are the largest of all seals and the largest of all Carnivorans.As such, they can deal some serious damage with minimal effort. The elephant seal's huge rolls of fat could save him from the crocodile's bite. Walruses play it cool. A walrus's head is square and broad with conspicuous tusks and whiskers. Southern elephant seals are the largest seal species, followed by Northern seals. Pinnipeds are carnivores that have adapted to an amphibious marine existence. They forage at sea but most come ashore or onto ice at some time of the year to mate, give birth, suckle their young, or to molt. Walrus is a see also of seal. In deep water, of course, the elephant seal would easily emerge victor. Both seals and sea lions, together with the walrus, are pinnipeds, which means "fin footed" in Latin. How much do elephant seals weigh? Photos tell a much better story, but the size of objects in photos can be misleading if there isn't a familiar object in there for scale. Northerns are the smaller of the two, and can be found on the Pacific coasts of U.S., Canada and Mexico. True seals are also known as earless seals, or simply "seals". On land, I would definitely favour the elephant seal, regarding intraspecific conflicts I rate the elephant seals highly above the walrus and the Pontolis basically was an ancient walrus. The length of its skull was 60 cm, and the size it was contemporary with elephant seals. walrus vs elephant seal October 8, 2020 Uncategorized No Comments Both a sea lion and a seal or walrus are carnivorous mammals belonging to the pinniped superfamily, so they have many common characteristics, but also others that differentiate them. . The smaller seal is an adult female and the much larger one with the trunk-like nose is an adult male. Males grow to huge sizes, and they can weigh 8,800 pounds (3,991 kg) or more. Who Would Win?® Walrus vs. The walrus's scientific name is Odobenus rosmarus. This comes from the Latin words for "tooth-walking sea-horse." This comes from the Latin words for "tooth-walking sea-horse." Elephant seals are rarely seen on the surface of water. Popular For This Age Group. But seals' furry, generally stubby front feet — thinly webbed flippers, actually, with a claw on each small toe — seem petite in comparison to the mostly skin-covered, elongated fore … Elephant seals have much greater sliding (and even somewhat fluid) friction. Most walruses have 18 teeth. With the exception of the Baikal seal, which is endemic to a freshwater lake of the same name in Russia, pinnipeds are marine creatures found around the poles and in temperate regions. In and around RNSP, there are two seal species to be found, the harbor seal (Phoca vitulina), and northern elephant seal (Mirounga angustirotris). As the BBC broadcaster says, elephant … Differences between sea lion, seal and walrus May 31, 2019, 3:52 pm Both a sea lion and a seal or walrus are carnivorous mammals belonging to the pinniped superfamily, so they have many common characteristics, but also others that differentiate them. The massive seal is a southern elephant seal that lives in California. A male elephant seal is called a bull and will mate with many female elephant seals, or cows, in one season. As nouns the difference between elephant and walrus is that elephant is a mammal of the order proboscidea , having a trunk, and two large ivory tusks jutting from the upper jaw while walrus is {{context|countable|lang=en}} a large arctic marine mammal related to seals and having long tusks, tough, wrinkled skin, and four flippers, (taxlink). Elephant seals dive to 1,550 m (5,090 ft) beneath the ocean's surface (the deepest recorded dive of an elephant seal is 2,388 m (7,835 ft) by a southern elephant seal, while the record for the northern elephant seal is 1,735 m (5,692 ft)). Walrus weighs 5 times as much and has the teeth. Adult walrus are characterised by prominent tusks and whiskers, and their considerable bulk: adult males in the Pacific can weigh more than 2,000 kilograms (4,400 pounds) and, among pinnipeds, are exceeded in size only by the two species of elephant seals. harp seal walrus elephant seal leopard seal There are 13 to 18 different types of seals. When a mother elephant seal gives birth, the milk she secretes is around 12 percent fat. The females wait for the men to spar it … Southern Elephant Seal - Mirounga leonina The Southern Elephant Seal (Mirounga leonina) is one of the two extant species of elephant seal.It is both the largest pinniped and member of the order Carnivora living today. Elephant seals spend up to 80% of their lives in the ocean. The southern elephant seal, which is had significantly larger bulls than the northern elephant seal, is the largest marine mammal that is not a cetacean. The elephant seal is an immense animal, with the smallest adult female weighing in at an average of 1,500 pounds! Only biting off the fins or the head of the seal will immobilize it. To conclude, the article provides a comparison of the seal, sea lion, walrus, and otter with their qualities and … Recently Viewed. Product Details. As nouns the difference between walrus and seal is that walrus is (countable) a large arctic marine mammal related to seals and having long tusks, tough, wrinkled skin, and four flippers, (taxlink) while seal is a pinniped, particularly an earless seal (true seal) or eared seal or seal can be a stamp used to impress a design on a soft substance such as wax. They can hold their breath for more than 100 minutes – longer than any other noncetacean mammal. There has been only two incidents of orcas fighting great whites (one started by the shark, the other likely to also be started by the shark) Both were orca victories, but this in no way means orcas are superior hunters ir fighters in any way: For the terms of this match, let's even things out a little. Elephant does best and leopard seal … Does the Elephant Seal Make a Good Pet. On land its no contest, the seal will simply fall on the crocodile and squash it. What is the common and scientific name for the elephant seal? This would be a Northern elephant seal vs a Pacific walrus (the larger subspecies). There are two subspecies: Northern ( M. angustirostris ) and Southern (M. leonina ) elephant seals. Source: Elephant Seal Smashes Into Cars, John Smith If elephant seals battling and drawing a bit of blood here and there seems trivial, you should see what they can do to cars. Seal vs sea Lion vs Walrus vs Otter difference & comparison. Elephant Seal Care. Vibrissae are attached to muscles and are supplied with blood and nerves. They can move at about the same speed, but the elephant seal has much better stamina. Elephant Seal weighs twice as much as a Walrus. Elephant seals are the largest seals, exceeding the walrus in size. This size makes the elephant seal a very impractical pet. Elephant Seal 6-Book Pack Also Read . Photo taken at Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary (California), February 26, 2004. Based off fighting style, I'll say elephant seal. The two canine teeth in the upper jaw are modified into long ivory tusks. Elephant seals are large pinnipeds named after their trunklike proboscises. . A walrus has about 400 to 700 vibrissae (whiskers) in 13 to 15 rows on its snout. Elephant seals and walruses, which can weigh up to 8,800 and 3,700 pounds, respectively, are the largest pinnipeds. We've all seen the charts that attempt to show an animal's size compared to that of an average human, but it's very hard to truly comprehend an animal's size compared to a human based on those shaded figures. Now the elephant seal weights 10× as much. Two weeks later, that number increases to over 50 percent , giving the liquid a pudding-like consistency. Southerns are larger, and can be found along the shores of New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina. Most birds do not have a penis. The giant walrus Pontolis was described in 1905 and dates from the late Miocene (7-9 million years ago). Great white vs orca...without the orca's size advantage. The Elephant Seal is a large marine mammal if the genus Mirounga. It does not have much chance vs … The seal can also rear up and face the tiger unlike the crocodile. I would think that a tiger would have a better chance of killing a large crocodile than it would a elephant seal. 2. The seal gets its name from its great size and the large proboscis of the adult males, which is used to make extraordinarily loud roaring noises, especially during the mating … The smallest fur seal, the Galápagos fur seal, lives in hot weather close to the equator. To see the elephant seal migration in action, visit the area starting in mid- to late November to watch the adult male elephant seals (some weighing nearly two tons) to claim their land and fight off other "bulls" for their mating rights. Here are thier profiles: Pure mass is a good defense for a polar bear. The largest elephant seals can be 20 feet long and can weigh up to 9,000 pounds. Assuming the elephant seal wasn't an absolutely enormous one than I'd give the advantage to a lion or similar-sized big cat (such as a tiger). In general, Pontolis is a third more than the largest modern walrus. Still, if we take into consideration the whale's size, this is like a human showing off a 10 cm penis, as the blue whale can reach 33 m (100 feet) body length. Southern Elephant Seals literally have 4x their weight on average, and Polar Bears rarely risk even going after Bull Walrus, which aren't anywhere near the size of the largest Bull Elephant Seal. Walruses can use their tusks to help haul themselves up onto the ice, which is likely where this reference came from. Elephant seal. Seals, Sea Lions, and Walrus: Pinnipeds. Walrus. As the name suggests, elephant seals are huge members of the seal family that have a large trunk-like nose that somewhat resembles an elephant’s. Granted walrus tusks are used for pushing sediment aside, but whatever works. Southern elephants are the largest of all seals. Elephant seals exhibit sexual dimorphism - a systematic difference in form between individuals of opposite sex of the same species. Southern elephant seals breed on land but spend their winters in the frigid Antarctic waters near the Antarctic pack ice. As for killing the crocodile, the elephant seal can ram and crush the MUCH smaller reptile using its 3-4 ton body.

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