bigbadtoystore pre order review

Pavel. Seriously? Product Description. BigBadToyStore has a massive selection of toys (like action figures, statues, and collectibles) from Marvel, DC Comics, Transformers, Star Wars, Movies, TV Shows, and More what i mean is: will the toei sticker be japanese or english? BigBadToyStore is not the worst online store I have purchased from, but it in no way is anywhere near the best. Baffling... very poor business practices warranting a complaint with the BBB. Hide Sold Out Hide Pre-Order Hide In Stock My Account. Their 4$ shipping is extremely slow. These guys have the most unhelpfull and borderline angry customer support. The issue of the BBTS is their reliance on FedEx for their $4 Flat Rate Shipping. I have left messages, emails, even Facebook messages. IN STOCK. I have purchased a standard grade item and recieved it with a massive gouge in the side of the box. One last thing. Sponsor News New This Week at BigBadToyStore #BabyYoda #ALIEN #DUNE #GIJoe. Jay Cochran - January 31, 2012 . Recently though I have been blocked from accessing anything other than their home page. And I now cant get access to my package unless I pay another 200 euros because the import tax wasn't covered. I can't find any similar indecent regarding this on line. To help both … All set pieces are interchangeable, allowing you to freely customize, modify, or create multiple scenes. Sat and waited weeks as everyone else got theirs. So I pre-order things and when they receive it I put it in my pile of loot until I have plenty of items to ship. Would recommend. With Halloween now behind us, the countdown to Christmas is on! WRONG! Every time I've ordered from this site I have had to wait months for my package. I pre-order a lot things on from this website even though certain things a little over-priced by Few dollars, but not more than eBay or resellers. Delivered to Czech Republic! It takes way too long for any order to be actually processed and moved out the door though. They have hung up on me twice. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt since COVID-19 has delayed many things. The shipping time can sometimes get quite long. This is very disappointing becasue something like this could have been a great way to control the quality of the valuable items you buy that other retailers would not care to do. It is currently JULY and this item is still up for preorder even though the product itself was shipped out. International buyers stay away. I live in Finland, so I'm going to have to pay custom charges, of course. As long as they arrive, right? BBTS is awesome. And like I said why is there even a substandard or damaged grade if there is no discount on those products? He then went in to pay pal which I don't have. Probably my most frequented toy store. Won't be wasting my time with them again unless it's something insanely clearanced down that I can live without for a month or so. It still ttok them a week to process and my package still is not here. MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES X-MEN 20 TH ANNIVERSARY 6-INCH MYSTIQUE Figure (HASBRO/Ages 14 years & up/Approx. Great selection and good shipping options, This place is terrible 1 month process order, Avoid. Animation: Naruto Shippuden - Kaguya Otsutsuki NYCC 2020 Exclusive. Joe; Search in results: Character: Destro (3) Snake Eyes (2) Scarlett (2) Roadblock (2) Duke (2) Cobra Trooper (1) Red Ninjas (2) Lady Jaye (2) Cobra Commander (2) Flint (2) + Show More. I think shipping is much faster in US, since BBTS is located there. $14 99. I'm going to be very very honest here. Transformers Studio Series 60 Voyager Scrapper. Pre-Orders can be annoying, because they hardly ever arrive when they are supposed to. I called about my package being shipped and the dude was so nice and chill and explained that shipping could take a little as they only have one warehouse and are not 24/7 like Amazon. BigBadToyStore serves collectors world-wide with a huge selection of … whats the condition of these items. Sat and waited weeks as everyone else got theirs. Please Note: We reserve … They have thousands of beautiful figures, but worth nothing, if you'll never get them... Crappy delivery time, expensive delivery, but well packed and not damaged. This grade is basically to ensure that your package does not arrive damaged or is not damadged when shipped. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™, an iconic film that has captivated audiences worldwide for decades with its story and characters.In 1979, before the landmark film had even hit theaters, references to the mysterious character Boba Fett™ based on early costume tests and coloration were revealed. My last order i decided to take a shot and pay for one of their "faster" shippings. I will be canceling by tomorrow if I do not have a tracking number with an actual delivery in process and im not talking about a label being made, that could take another few days for them just to drop it off at the post office, or whatever carrier they hire. Transformers Studio Series 23 Deluxe KSI … They shipped it out the next day. I just made my first order with BBTS and I am satisfied. Called and forced to leave a message, eventually received a return call from them telling me to go to my account and resubmit payment, however their site does not provide that option, so I call back BBTS and the agent tells me he has no way to reprocess the payment. Thats insane, and obviously it goes for everything else as well. Moe, Larry and Curly? $39 99. This is the way… Star Wars: The Black … Really? They gave us 4 days and then canceled our order! Stay safe with our COVID-19 guide. The "Standard" grade does say that items CAN BE subject to some minor imperfections, BUT after purchasing from them I have found that this is just an excuse for them to move damaged product just because they have their collectors grade. Making a kid wait for 8 months for a toy that originally said would be shipped out soon (like within a month). THEIR SHIPPING FEES ARE GONNA RIP YOU OFF!THEY ONLY NEED TO PAY 300USD(which i checked on the shipping company's site with same service and weight &size)BUT THEY TAKE ALMOST 600USD OUT OF MY POCKET. Bigger packages cost more to ship, obviously. Their shipping lead time is absouluty disasterous and I'm just using Amazon from now on! But now the processing and shipping time is insane. The "Estimated Arrival" dates are NEVER accurate. kind regards craig barr. I am not a one time buyer and have been buying from them for years. It wouldve just been better to buy it on ebay with this stupid shipping that they gave me. Absolutely the worst site to buy statues from if youre international. I had mold in all my orders. Here’s a few licenses that have our attention: After four hours I finally was able to talk to a customer service person who told me there is absolutely nothing they can do. This place is horrible and treats people like garbage! The billing address is correct and there is no reason the order cannot process. BigBadToyStore carries a massive selection of licensed action figures, collectibles, statues, and more from the top companies and properties. Panic is setting in for some people as they contemplate on what to buy for their nerd-loving friends and family. Weasel Words, Rude Service, Tough-Guy Hangs Up On You. I will definitely come back and buy more pieces soon. 8 New Geeki Tikis Have Arrived At Toynk. This place sucks and it was a waste of money to even attempt to order anything from this place. Now with this last product I had to wait 9 months and it showed up on Christmas eve REEKING of cigarette smoke. $10 99. Packaging was done very well! Pre-orders. I did email them so perhaps it was just an error, we will see... Pre-ordered a wave of 5 figures. IN STOCK. Today Jan 1 2021 will arrive in Jan. 2021. Shop at your own risk. BigBadToyStore ranks 3rd among Figurines sites. So I'll say give it a try. Customer service on point, selection on point, shipping on point. !WHEN MY ITEMS ARRIVES! I was told that I'd have to "come and pick the items up in person" if I wanted a replacement.They apparently do not value professionalism at their in-house customer service department which is managed by two highly unqualified employees (Rebbekah Supervisor / Liz - Manager) who only seem to be proficient at exacerbating customer complaints.This is definitely not the professional online conglomerate with an outsourced call-center that you're used to. Don't deal with these people. Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 by Pixel Dan. Great for a Transformers and Dragon Ball figure collector, like me! They use the covid excuse for everything. BigBadToyStore means "big, BAD, toy store". BigBadToyStore has a massive selection of toys (like action figures, statues, and collectibles) from Marvel, DC Comics, Transformers, Star Wars, Movies, TV Shows, and More For whatever reason it takes an unreasonable amount of time for the order itself to be processed. If the item has shipped it just goes on my pile of loot. Pop! has your collecting needs covered with tons of great new pre-orders, many launching very, very soon. Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: Backed by the National Science Foundation, Who knows how long it'll take my item from, If you love long shipping times this is the store for you, SLOW SHIPPING + BROKEN ITEMS + BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE = SHOP ELSEWHERE, I strongly urge anyone from buying from this company. The only thing that can be improved is the shipping time, which took 5 days, but HEY, its a pandemic. Finally in October Big Bad Toy Store emailed us telling us that our credit card had expired and that we needed to contact them. With that said I have not had many glaring issues with the things I have purchased and recieved other then a few things as I stated. There is no reason for it to take a week to two weeks just to process and order. Avoid. As the month of September rolls to an end, our collective attention turns to crispy Fall weather, spooky-themed Halloween… and 3rd quarter toy releases! BigBadToyStore has a consumer rating of 3 stars from 55 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. I have only seen very few occasions where items came out when they were actually coming out on other online retailers. 145 were here. Great detail on the troopers (Riot Control, Megablaster Heavy Assault, and Clone), magnetic latching systems for the sidearms and backpacks, light up C-3PO and R2-D2 (with Princess Leia hologram projection option), and that awesome Dewback. Your package will come unharmed and in good shape but if you need things fast DO NOT USE THEM, also when i contacted customer service all i get is automated response saying shipping times in house and once sent out. Tuff Stuff 4x4 & Tuff Stuff Overland Rating 5 of 5 stars. PRE-ORDER. They attempted to take out twice the amount of what my purchase was and then place it on recurring payment. I was charged 200 dollars for a large order on shipping. Thats absolutely criminal. May 16, 2017: The latest wave of Egg Attack Action figures pre-ordered from is shipping and we have to say...they are amazing! Secondly, I have ordered standard items that have come in a condition that fits more into the substandard or damaged range. Whoever is writing the positive reviews must be employees or friends. If you would like more control over how and when your orders ship we recommend using our Pile of Loot. Depends on where you live and you can't blame the seller. BigBadToyStore has a massive selection of toys (like action figures, statues, and collectibles) from Marvel, DC Comics, Transformers, Star Wars, Movies, TV Shows, and More Why shop here when I can get the same things cheaper and faster elsewhere? Absolutely unacceptable. Are any of the shf action figures bootleg? This is Scam company,their items are more expensive than other shops and that's ok because i didn't know there is a lot of place cheaper than them.BUT! And the same trend goes for everything they ship, dont be me and preorder something when the shipping is half the price of an already insanely pricey product. $22 99 « 1 » APPLIED FILTERS. Overall a store worth trying out if unable find good prices on Anime/Video game figures on amazon. Not only is their shipping time incredibly slow (1-2 weeks for them to put it in the mail, another week or 2 for delivery), but they just raised the price on collector grade items. Pop! Do not buy anything from this company!!! Thanks for leaving us this great review, we wish you and your store the utmost success! By: Funko. Hello i am asking about the condition on a couple neca 1/4 scale figures. This item is brand new and in mint condition; Packaging is case fresh but may have flaws ; Suitable to display in package or to open; View Package Grading Guide. Bbts has the slowest delivery service ever. $104 99. For some reason, I just couldn't get updates after the ship, which is shady to me is they gave me a number but it didn't work, that being said, I have nothing else bad to say.I was looking for an FF7 figure on amazon but it was sold out and then the prices rose, so I looked around to find it's the original price or near it and found this store. Once the item is shipped there is no problem. By: Funko. Who's running the shipping dept. I got the figure near if not at the original price it was being sold as pre-ordered as it tends to be cheaper, and chose the 2nd lowest shipping, wanted it before Christmas. I contacted BBTS customer service to see if they could help me. Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: Anyone know how reliable You have to pay extra for this. Does they sell overseas?i live in kolkata,india.can i trust upon it? Product Description. BigBadToyStore ranks 3rd among Figurines sites. BigBadToyStore serves collectors world-wide with a huge selection of … We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. 144 were here. Obviously Big Bad Toy store pre-sells their items by thousands more than they should, leaving disappointed children and frustrated parents and honestly, they do not care. BigBadToyStore offers a flexible cancellation policy to give you as much opportunity as possible to cancel items before they ship. 2 weeks for them to ship and then 2 weeks while fed ex send my packages on a US tour. Placed an order with this store and it said they were unable to process the order because my billing address info was incorrect. Closed on the weekends...?Ah, so, that's why our orders take so long to process.....?They're more concerned about beating the rush-hour traffic than processing orders so they are certainly not going to lift a finger on the weekends.This business is not built upon a sustainable foundation capable of longevity. Hot Toy Reviews - In celebration of ... Includes figure and 3 accessories. By using Sitejabber, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I've ordered direct from Sideshow and have had parts replaced immediately. I've e-mailed that I'm reporting them and I will advise through facebook. BBTS- Site sponsor has the soon=to-be-released Devastator Supreme Combiner Set for pre-order. Clearly, and I can say this as an attorney, they were negligent in processing the payment correctly, so I end up spending all day trying to resolve this and an hour on the phone with my credit card issuer to confirm that there is no reason this payment would have gone through. Maybe not your best option if you live outside of US, BUT I think their selection fits my figure needs better than other sites. Anyway that's my two sense. Now finally the Collector's Grade. If i buy a one piece figure from megahouse will it be the international or domestic one i will get? I came home to find an e-mail stating that my payment could not be processed due to my address not matching their records. Show full reply. Why does it cost so much for a simple small figure you wont even land a finger on. Hot New Arrivals & Pre-Orders at BigBadToyStore! First of all for whatever reason there is NO DISCOUNT ON DAMAGED OR SUBSTANDARD ITEMS. Never had an issue and I've spent thousands with them. They have yelled at me twice. Would not reccomend getting from them. If ya want to be mad about shipping costs, be mad at UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc... they are the ones that set the rates. and they are figures... i dont understand. Reviews; Convention Coverage; Podcasts; Editorials; Interviews; Contact Me; Store; Search for: Sponsor Update: BigBadToyStore – HUGE TRANSFORMERS NEWS: Encore Fort Max, MP-15, Generations, Prime. They over charge shipping and charge for import tax upfront and then dont pay it. All of this can be done by going to the "My Account" section of the BBTS website. Avengers Toys Up For Pre-Order At BBTS. FedEx is known for mistreating Residential Customers, and their Packages. I will be happy to recommend this store. Placed it on june 14th today is the 30th. Vendor consistently demonstrates slow processing times and lackadaisical work ethic. Its just fantastic. Vendor consistently demonstrates slow processing times and lackadaisical work ethic.Recent order did not ship for an entire week (7 days) which is consistent with previous orders.3 high-end orders arrived damaged. With that said, I placed a preorder for an item that was released in JANUARY. I also e-mailed stating that they have a time limit to respond as this was out of this world. I ordered a pre-order for my boy as a gift. END UP I BOUGHT SOMETHING 1890USD(INCLUDE SHIPPING) THAT I COULD GET ANY OTHER PLACE FOR 1300USD. I have made numerous charges on the internet using that card in the previous days, there is just under $20k in available credit and the billing address is correct. It's went for last 3 months. Neither has answered me yet. For more details, please see our Pile of Loot Guide. I find it disappointing that they are on top of price gouging these items, but they cannot seem to solve the mystery of items that have been floating in preorder land for months. You can choose which items you want to ship if not all of them at once. They do get some Storm exclusives and event exclusives in and that is their primary draw for me. The item just keeps getting pushed back more and more and more. Yes they do have WWE items available for sale. Finally gave up and dealt with someone that had picked them up in the store, saving myself however long it would've taken them to get, process and ship the merchandise, and saved myself $5 in the process.So far, between BBTS, EE and Amazon, Amazon is the only one of the three that gets items to you on time and at a good price. This month, gives you permission to stuff your stockings early with two awesome in-stock superhero collectibles: Catwoman and Deadpool!For collectors looking for the ultimate in Mandalorian tech, Big Bad has what you need with a hot new pre-order. Their excuse was these flaws are paint variations. and their customer service only reply you with some useless robot kind of communications,copy paste all the useless rules to against their customers. Available for pre-order at,, and Hasbro Pulse. I strongly urge anyone from buying from them unless you live in the continental U.S. Also make sure you read all the information in there help section. Oh yea and the web-site is very easy to use and I love it. I was fuming so I called in. LooseCollector: Heavy Metal Taarna & Avis Deluxe Boxset Images and Pre-Order 4 weeks ago RoboKillah Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Mandalorian Bo-Katan and New Archive Wave I got a Sideshow statue from them with an obviously flaw. I've bought several things from them over the last 5 years to give them another chance and each time has been frustrating. Anyone else heard of this? I lost all my patience, and hope, caouse probably I paid 91$ for nothing, and thats called robbery! Series: Classified Series; Brand: G.I. Sponsor News Top BigBadToyStore Pre-Order Picks For September – #ThunderCats #The Mandalorian #BackToTheFuture. Recently, the company NECA announced that they will no longer be selling any Godzilla related product. The 2020 holiday shopping season is in full swing now. 8 New Geeki Tikis Have Arrived At Toynk Sitejabber’s sole mission is to increase online transparency for consumers and businesses, Sitejabber has helped over 100M consumers make better purchasing decisions online, Suspicious reviews are flagged by our algorithms, moderators, and community members. Erick 1:18th Scale Toy News & Rumors, JOY TOY 1:18th Scale, ANDRE, ANTON, BBTS, BIGBADTOYSTORE, Dark Source, Dark Universe, Military, Pre Order, Russian SSO Team, Surveillance Port, VASILY 2 Comments Although many of the Dark Source articles I’ve shared as of late pertain to Joy Toy’s upcoming 1:25 scale offerings, this news is sure to please all of the 1:18 scale fans out there! All was manageable until the Corony hit and back orders went from a few days to several months. PRE-ORDER. Like they say: "It is what it is". Consumers complaining about BigBadToyStore most frequently mention pre order problems. It's poorly managed by unqualified employees with lackadaisical work ethics who don't value their customers and lack the motivation or desire to improve their business.They act like they are doing you favor by selling to you. By: Hasbro. Yes even when it's in stock, and yes years before COVID-19. I just have to reorder and wait for months again. I can no longer order from them or even look at their merchandise. Another thing. Who knows how long it'll take my item from bbts to get to Mississauga Ont. I live in Minnesota so orders arrive quickly even with the 4 dollar flat rate shipping. Hi - we've just listed the full Avengers lineup from Hasbro (that has been announced so far) We have over 60 total Hasbro Avengers listing - the main … My first order I had to call on 3 separate occasions for them to approve my card. Take care! IN STOCK. PRE-ORDER. Hi – We’ve just listed some amazing new Takara Transformers – Finally – … Pop! Almost immediately I witnessed the prices of these items on BBTS increase a very considerable amount. All rights reserved. Thank you for reading this long wall of text. I'm not saying that you shouldn't shop here, but just be mindful of these things if you do. BigBadToyStore serves collectors world-wide with a huge selection of … Browse BigBadToyStore's featured pre-order items and order your items today! Arrival date is an estimate and not guaranteed; No payment is due until product is available to ship; Item may be canceled any time before payment is due; STANDARD GRADE. Happy customer from europe Arrival date is an estimate and not guaranteed; This item requires a down payment when you checkout; Balance is due when item is available to ship; STANDARD GRADE. It took them around 3 to 4 business days to ship out, but other than that no complaints. Very deceptive and fraudulent. Do you have anymore questions, Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. I'm gonna say it now: If you're going to get presents for Christmas or a birthday, get your package shipped a month or two before. Over a month later and i have not recieved my item. Sorry, but you're just a retailer selling the same items (albeit, much slower) than the next guy so you better rethink your approach to customer relations as your business is dispensable.I'm taking my business ($10k annually) elsewhere.Enjoy your weekends off..... © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. Saves time, money and the environment! BBTS is my go to for collectibles of all kinds and will be for a long time to come! Passing an extra 30% now in some cases is no longer worth it. Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Wave 7 Set of 6 Figures. It shipped on April 16th, it is now May 23rd, and it is still not here. :-)-Melissa & The Pre-order Now Support Team. It's arriving Tuesday. Certain items seem to NEVER come in for whatever reason even though the company that disperses them shipped them all out on time. Then he blamed my credit card company. LooseCollector: Heavy Metal Taarna & Avis Deluxe Boxset Images and Pre-Order 3 weeks ago RoboKillah Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Mandalorian Bo-Katan and New Archive Wave I've come to expect these things while shopping with them over the past 6 years, but I must say I'm just extremely dissatisfied and disappointed. The reviews here must be bots if bigbadtoystore gets even anything above 3 stars. This site takes forever to get things in stock not to mention of the item in pre-order (ISN'T IN STOCK) THEN WHY IS THE ITEM EVEN THEIR TO BEGIN WITH, TAKE THE ITEM OFF THE PAGE THEN.

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