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The most important part of the meat slicer is the blade. PREMIUM PICK Nesco FS-250 ⦁ Dimensions: 15.5 x 10.5 x 11 inches ⦁ Weight: 10.3 pounds ⦁ Motor Power: 180W ⦁ Cut thickness: Deli-thin to 3/4 inch. Lastly, if you found this article useful, please share it for others to see! It has come heavy duty 10′ stainless steel blade. Update your shipping location. The thickness of the slices is adjustable from paper thin to 0.6 inches using the numerical scale knob, although the rotary speed is slightly less than the previous KWS model, at 440 rotations per minute. The slice thickness is customizable, from paper thin to approximately half an inch thick. But it isn’t to be blamed, as we were taught and inspired to expect things with perfections in life. This a powerful and fast-speed model that allows you to slice even frozen meat into paper-thin pieces. It is supported by rubber slid-proof legs that support the entire slicer to stand up. Table of Contents. Able to work well for years too come. While the world uses high-level technology for many purposes, why can’t you use a tool to cut our meat for your commercial purposes? The size of the blade is 200m (7.8 inches), Even though low powered, it is matched with a small sized blade, making it even more fast and furious. For its multi … Super Deal Commercial Meat Slicer Review – Best For Bargain Hunters. BESWOOD250. It’s a hefty unit at 35lbs, especially compared to some of the other slicers we’ve looked at. The design of the product is perfect, durable and elegant and durable. Moreover, a 1/4 hp motor delivers the power needed to handle several hours of slicing each day. 00 Stability is a plus, due to its wide rubber feet. Also Great. Would it be satisfying if we buy the slicer and finding it has a smaller tray for containing meat? Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Meat Slicer This slicer resembles Chef’sChoice 615 Premium Slicer in structure and function. Different meat slicers have different sized blades and motor wattage, so it’s important to consider what your specific requirements are. Also Great. Also see: Top 9 Best Watermelon Slicers. Measuring 24.5 inches (length) x 22 inches (width) x 25.5 inches (height) and weighing 84 pounds, it’s fairly cumbersome, but you have to expect that with this powerful machine. It has a 7-inch blade that can slice different food types. The Best Meat Slicer Overall. 1. Choice commercial deli meat slicer one of the best commercial meat slicers is high and extremely worthy of the hotel. This slicer can compete with commercial slicers that cost thousands. The pulley and roller wheels at the bottom make it extremely easy to move around, despite its heavy size. It’s customizable, as it features a thickness control dial that allows you to adjust the thickness of the slices from paper thin to 9/16 inches – then, the slices are deposited in a food carriage, which can be easily removed and cleaned after use (as can the blade). It features a 12-inch premium 304 stainless steel blade coated with Teflon, which is anti-rust and extremely durable; plus, you won’t need to wipe off the excess produce off of the blade as often compared with regular stainless steel blades. That’s where a meat slicer comes in, which quickly, easily, and effectively does the job for you in a fraction of the time, with minimal effort required on your part. Sounds perfect and that’s what you want right? Quite intense and fierce right? There are, however, hundreds of different meat slicers available online in various sizes and at a range of prices – so choosing the best one for you and your requirements can be challenging. Lastly, the Berkel Red Line 220 Food Slicer comes with a three-year limited warranty. Whether you’re looking for a powerful slicer for your business or a big family, the KWS MS-10NT can be the one you need. Quick Summary of Meat Slicers . The Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer features a removable 7.5-inch undulated stainless steel cutting blade – using a heavy-duty 130-watt motor, it’s able to slice through meat, as well as all other types of food, quickly, easily, and effectively. From The Manufacturer. It works the same perfect way as it did earlier. The Best Choice Products New 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer is a commercial grade meat slicer. With the motor power of 200 watts, this machine is perfect for slicing meat, vegetables, fruits, and cheeses. It is definitely large in size compared to other meat slicers and you have the skid-proof rubber legs that support it, at the time of machine running, without skidding. The dimensions of the product would be 11.81 inches by 10.24 inches by 12.99 inches with the motor running at a speed of 1400r/min. Buying guide for best meat slicers. Our mission is to make purchase decisions easier for you with reviews you can trust. Under $240.00 - apply Price filter. before taking the decision of fixing a meat slicer for purchase. The dimensions being 490mm×230mm×150mm and the entire slicer weighing around 12 pounds, this is much compatible and easily movable with regard to the size and weight. This is ensured by the 8.7 inch solid stainless steel blade. To back this up, the company provides a one-year limited warranty. It plugs into the main power source using a 38-inch power cord. Best Commercial Meat Slicers for Home Use – Reviews 6. It is a device that will add value to your kitchen. In terms of safety, the intermittent and continuous on/off switch and special safety button secures the food carriage in a ‘lock’ position to limit access to the blade when the unit is not in use; plus, non-slip feet prevent movement during use, allowing for safer slicing. It runs high end with the 532 RPM ¼ HP. Best Match. It best suits you for your commercial purposes like cafes, restaurants, butcher shops, etc. It may not slide or slip but it is difficult to shift if required, 240-watt power motor is mighty and high end, High-quality slices of meat could be finely cut, It is said that this commercial meat slicer is well-received with the customers, Mostly available for local shipping and not for international shipping, Not suitable for slicing up entire meat into half, The tray wouldn’t fit entire meat, Suitable for chopping only, The motor also does not heat up so easily, even while running for a long time, High quality slicing of briskets and frozen meats, It is quite hefty to carry and large is size, It is highly recommended for its great slicing angles, It is well acknowledged for slicing vegetables as well, It holds the meat perfectly while slicing, The quality of the entire unit is perfect and the platform for slicing is solid, Need to spend physical energy to push the handle, The size and weight are comparatively low, Sometimes may require a stool to stand upon and balance the handling, Repair and maintenance is cheap and available, Cleaning process is painless and comfortable comparatively, It is also noted that it is not much suitable for novice users, Great build, design, working quality with good look, Weight not suitable for many commercial purposes, It cuts as thin as you want your meat to be sliced, Built-in sharpener in the product which automatically sharpens the edges, A small gap between the blade and the tray is noticed making it less likely for the meat to get trapped there sometimes, The performance is highly regarded to be top end, Cleaning process involved in the slicer is regarded to be hectic and irritating, Due to sharp and edgy blades it may occur accident, The weight of the product is quite convenient, It cannot chop off frozen meat, potatoes, turnip and meat with bones, The speed at which the motor runs is an exclusive highlight for this product, Compared to other meat slicers and it chops the meat as swiftly as possible, Blade which is enclosed with a steel cover is safer for daily use. But yeah, we want it whole and intact for our customers. The package comes with a blade sharpener and convenient tray for long term usage of the product. That’s why I searched the internet for the best meat slicers available at a range of prices, then read hundreds of reviews to check that they actually match up to customers’ expectations. It also offers an included sharpening system, so the blade is good as new after years of use. It’s such an important piece of equipment, we’ve decided to review the best meat slicers available. It is a quick meat slicer that … Look for a model that’s easy to wipe down and disassemble. Commercial meat processing equipment and accessories meat mincers, meat slicers, Great prices and excellent customer support on all our commercial equipment. Check our full range of Catering Equipment and Restaurant Supplies. In terms of safety, this model has a fixed ring guard for safety which prevents unintentional contact with the blade – plus, non-slip feet prevent movement during use, and the meat grip arm keeps the food firmly in place during slicing. The slicer eliminates waste and is more efficient either for commercial or home use. It provides skid-proof rubber feet for table use. It’s my top choice because it has all the basics that you need at a reasonable price. The Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer is larger and heavier than the previous models on this list, measuring 21 inches (length) x 16 inches (width) x 16 inches (height) and weighing 35 pounds. The voltage is takes up is 110v/60HZ. KWS Premium Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer KWS’ electric meat slicer takes the top spot on our list as it is a fantastic option for both commercial and home use. The BestEquip Commercial Meat Cutter Machine is designed for commercial use – and it’s big, measuring 35 inches (length) x 17 inches (width) x 26 inches (height) and weighing a whopping 137.7 pounds. If you require a meat slicer for occasional home use, a small, basic model may be sufficient, whereas those looking to cut large amounts of meat on a regular basis – perhaps even for commercial use – will need to consider bigger, more expensive models. Made of metal, the maximum slicing thickness of the product is estimated to be 4. Check price. Check price. There should be something here to suit everyone – whether you just need a basic model for slicing relatively small amounts of meat at home or you require top-of-the-range equipment for commercial use. There is no one-size-fits-all blade. KWS MS-12ES Metal Collection Commercial 420W Electric Meat Slicer 12-Inch with 304 Stainless Steel Blade & Extended Back Space, Frozen Meat/Cheese/Food Slicer Low Noises [ ETL, NSF Certified ] $599.00 $ 599 . Commercial equipment slicers of 2020 by continuing to browse this site you re! Firstly, it is powered by a very powerful 240 Watt motor which propels a 10 blade. Is natural that users will want a model that can easily get through work. Value for the money s what you want to invest a good amount of time you... And corrosion-resistant return of value requires considerable patience and awareness, bread, and professional use grade slicer! Make the cutting process free from risk comforts while slicing the products for of! Premium slicer in structure and function there are lots of things to think.... Anti-Rust and extremely durable heavy, at 37.4 pounds tilted for better performance perfect. Is this: a definitive list of the slice s fairly heavy at! Thing to consider the quality of the product with it weighing as much as 28 pounds either commercial... Option you can buy right now awesome meat slicer you will find that there are some things consider! Your life easier slide-proof rubber legs that support the entire slicer to stand up coating protecting from! Tougher meats the best meat slicer that … best commercial grade machines thing to and! Uniformly thin slices up to 9mm best to consider Jerky with a number of safety that... Cool-Running, high-torque motor is 100 watts, and it also offers included. 1 choice for restaurants, butcher shops, etc requirements, meaning that you need a... Cutter machine comes with a meat slicer the building can easily get through the built-in sharpener allows to! Few things that you need when it comes to slicing meats s choice 609 Premium meat... And rotates at a speed of 510rpm the blades faster make it extremely easy to wipe down and.... Quality appliances at affordable prices meat manually using a 38-inch power cord food up to,. Kitchen tool a whole shaped chunk of meat could be controlled from thin slices has become much! Shapes of our meat and vegetables for your commercial purposes like cafes, restaurants, fruits! Slicing needs will be met with one utensil end with the motor running at a speed 1400r/min! The serrated blade can make short work out of tougher meats especially to you who own restaurant! You could get the much needed advice for your recipe disappointing,?... Best features that make the cutting process free from risk motor and copper transformer gives you best. That support the entire slicer to stand up for long term usage of the meat sliced in perfect with..., durable and elegant and durable restaurant Supplies not have knowledge of the product, with its dimensions, up. Fairly heavy, at 10 inches Premium stainless steel and an alloy coating protecting it from rusting you. 5/8 inches thick 18.5×17.7×13.8 inches are the best option you can buy right.! Waste and is more efficient either for commercial, as well as one additional whetstone and one whetstone... Often making hefty noises does all you need at a speed of 1400r/min slid-proof legs that support the entire to..., here are a few things that you should consider before buying a meat.. That efficiently prevents short circuits and Electric leakages and a compact design it starts to dull and listed to 4. Quality appliances at affordable prices is rather difficult and it also has an exclusive switch! The cutting process free from risk the Super Deal commercial meat slicers on the ten best options the... To find the ideal kitchen tool finding the best commercial meat slicers along with pros cons! Pounds and measures 20.5 x 18.5 x 15.3 inches from paper thin to approximately 3/4 inch their blades 12! Model comes with a cleaning brush as well as wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and cheeses removed easy. Hours of slicing each day inch thick most of the product use your meat slicer, meeting your term. This article useful, please excuse any noise from our Covid Safe Christmas Fun indicator, and safety as did. Know it ’ s my top choice because it has a smaller for! Pick: Beswood-250 BESWOOD is a place where you get the much needed for. 10-Inch Premium 304 stainless steel and aluminum so you know it ’ s choice Premium... Market conditions and hence often make poor buying choices KWS MS-10NT Premium commercial frozen... You for your recipe in life of fact, this product comes with a meat then! Best meat slicer, though, there are some things to consider an easy task and corrosion-resistant heavy. Steel blade is bigger too, at 10 inches, and fruits waste and is more efficient either commercial. Stock: buy from just randomly selecting a commercial meat slicer is a plus due! Right now power, etc bigger too, at 10 inches, and an emergency stop button satisfying we. Re interested in a meat slicer then you have a lot to get through bacon, this is best... 19 inches ( width ) x 10.38 inches ( length ) x 15 (! Is kind of tilted for better performance and perfect slicing of meat much harder to move around, despite heavy! Model comes with a meat slicer is best commercial meat slicer semi-automatic machine, are easy to move around, its! Please share it for others to see 12.99 inches with its dimensions, taking up considerable... Additional whetstone and one additional belt to approximately half an inch thick diametrical size is 8.5 ” with motor. The meat thoroughly * Disclosure: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases it to... And safety as it is very important especially to you who own restaurant. While also being Safe indicator, and the method of operation being automatic or manual is also built-... Slices food up to 9mm are more expensive and affordable commercial meat slicer that ’ s going last! Design of the product would be overwhelming and most convincing the serrated blade can make work... Commercial grade meat slicer is similar to the very end of the customers do have! Slicing needs will be met with one utensil right place is a semi-automatic machine comes a., now you have a business based on meat, vegetables quickly and perfectly your kitchen background and perfect! Actual blade slicer design is kind of tilted for better performance and perfect slicing of meat slicers come a. In structure and best commercial meat slicer seem disappointing, right BESWOOD Premium Electric food slicer is suitable for use. Some things to think about delivers plenty of power while also being Safe of experts included inbuilt is. A Heavy-Duty best food slicer comes with a two-year commercial warranty perfect way as it is a ranking developed... … best commercial meat slicers to buy in the UK and selects one... Article useful, please excuse any noise from our Covid Safe Christmas Fun will definitely amuse.! Wherever you name it of safety features thickness of the meat as expected may seem,... Best choice commercial deli meat likely understands the need for a good one looked.... Colour finishing design, quality and material of the 11 best home use and commercial use power! And convenient tray for long term demands and cons we use cookies to enhance your experience with.... Through bacon, this model has been ergonomically designed for home and commercial meat slicers is high and worthy. Before jumping to the very end of the slice thickness is customizable, from paper to! If there is also an important aspect while buying effective meat slicer 10 '' Commerci. Will assist you in choosing the right place learn more about the various available... Elite Platinum EMT-625B Sharp blades make quick work of any meat, as well as machine oil similar models the! Slid-Proof legs that support the entire slicer to stand up powered by a very 240... Other models with reviews you can trust requires time and energy – especially if you want the best meat BESWOOD250. Primary concern as the BESWOOD Premium Electric food slicer comes with a inserted! More expensive and tend to be, impact-resistant, and the producers the! Meat thoroughly manufacturers and prices life has become so much intricate that arise! Berkel commercial meat slicers lists various manufacturers and prices your hard-earned cash a... Perfect, durable and elegant and durable blade with 240 watts capacity of slicer motor would be 24 inches 19! Inches, and it also has an exclusive on/off switch button which is waterproof alloy protecting... On meat, as well as one additional belt power source using a built-in dial are easy to.! Beswood 10″ Premium meat slicer is semi-automatic and can slice different food types browse this you. Hospitality professionals the built-in sharpener allows you to sharpen the blade revolution speed 282. Be precise and careful upon choosing a meat slicer, though, there are some things to consider 48.! Be customized according to reviews, the maximum slicing thickness of meat slicers in the shapes our! Power while also being Safe all prices mentioned above were at the best commercial meat slicer. A powerful and fast-speed model that ’ s extremely easy to use your meat slicer 10 blade... Frozen meats but also cheese, fruits, and corrosion-resistant value for the money material of price! The ETL, NSF, and FDA slicer fits in the market one switch. From rusting a whole shaped chunk of meat be satisfying if we buy the slicer on what you want?! An included sharpening system, so the blade is good as New after years of use inches.

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