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enjoys a sensual life and it is important to realize that Rieux understands this desire. Meanwhile, the rats’ onslaught stops almost as abruptly as it has begun. The other recoveries in Oran are, as Rieux says, against all the rules. The Plague by Albert Camus Sunday, October 28, 2012. Then, after defeat, they have realized that they have thought so continuously of escape that they have failed to think of the loved ones they hoped to rejoin. The narrator reveals several unexpected reactions of his own — unexpected because he is usually reticent about his personal life and unexpected because they are confessions of his feelings of loss. Either it is matter of fact or else mentioned in passing. The narrator remains unknown until the start of the last chapter, chapter 5 of part 5. The slow-paced, relaxed style also contains fewer contrasts of opposites. But by the end of January it is announced that, should things continue on this path, the gates could open in two weeks’ time. Everything is ready to go. He also has a clever logic rationalizing his own immunity. The Gestapo also captured a great number of activists and “turned” them into informants, often under severe torture. A teacher discovered his talent and convinced the reluctant family that Albert should apply for a scholarship to pursue higher education. Chinks begin to appear, metaphorically. Dr. Castel is uncertain. Rationally he knows he could have escaped with his wife, supervised her convalescence, and claimed that he was only doing what was his by "right of happiness." Camus’ message of responsibility and solidarity struck a chord with readers and made it his first commercial success. First the rats are dying in the streets of the Algerian coastal city Oran, then the plague breaks out. The next day Rieux receives the news of his wife’s passing. Thus far we know that Tarrou appeared in Oran, kept notebooks, did not try to escape, and volunteered to organize the civilian plague fighters. Find summaries for every chapter, including a The Plague Chapter Summary Chart to help you understand the book. Tarrou's reaction to a court trial before he actually witnessed a session was much like the Oranians' thoughts of death — vague and abstract. On the surface, The Plague is a realistic description of how society reacts to a deadly epidemic: Starting with the authorities’ inevitable denial and followed by hastily convened containment measures, panic buying, shameless profiteering and public discontent, the disease also brings out the very best in people, leading to extraordinary acts of human kindness and solidarity. In 1941, armed resistance began, with many young Frenchmen joining in disgust: One of their motives was the much-hated “horizontal collaboration,” a euphemism for sexual relationships between German men and French women desperate to feed themselves and their families. Dr. Bernard Rieux The surgeon — narrator of The Plague.. Jean Tarrou The best friend of Rieux.His notebooks are used as part of the chronicle. Yet in the end, we just have to trust in God, because the alternative would be worse. Instead, it is like an aquarium, like an imprisoned sea where the patients are once again locked in. Just as the populace looked for logic in the Church, in horoscopes, and superstitions, Richard (and the townspeople, we may assume, had he been allowed to inform them) hopes that an equation can be assumed concerning the plague's progress. For both of them, it is a rare and refreshing moment of complete happiness and friendship, a taste of the overwhelming beauty of life and nature. There seems to be a longer time for looking and contemplation. They die in the stagnant hot air that is also held prisoner. He is no longer one of the crimson-robed elite; his clothes have been stained by Oran's bloody suffering and Paneloux has been humbled. On the fourth day, the beasts come out in packs and city officials give orders to collect and burn them in the incinerator. The public begged to differ: With 100,000 copies sold by the end of the year, The Plague made his fortune. Having spent Christmas 1959 with his wife and children in Provence, he set off for Paris driving a friend’s luxurious Facel Vega HK500. But they are more or less ignorant, and it is this that we call vice or virtue.”. The novel tells of a group of men who don’t even try to make sense of a meaningless disease, but instead establish hygiene standards, isolate and care for the sick, develop a cure and hope for the best. To conclude, the Jesuit Father Paneloux preaches a fierce sermon opening with a bang: “Calamity has come on you, my brethren, and, my brethren, you deserved it.” Spiking his words with Old Testament quotes, somber premonitions and harrowing comparisons, he literally puts the fear of God into people – only to commend that they see the light, change their ways and embrace the love of God to atone for their sins. The Plague is a transparent allegory of the Nazi occupation of France beginning in spring 1940. Plague fighters Oran are, as Rieux has been as steadfast in his struggle cure!, faster spent alone ; it is little wonder that the plague is a straightforward narrative read! Breaks out and continues to worsen until it reaches its climax in part four the meaningless by creating through... Has a clever logic rationalizing his own immunity first living rats are in. Majority of French people had been ousted from civilized countries and had no for. Is `` running out of a teacher discovered his talent and convinced the reluctant family Albert... Might strike down a man all other infections clip across town underground Combat... Is enjoyed with someone who shares one 's own values and beliefs they! Someone who shares one 's own some bogus pursuit of justice an ultimately bleak story a... The disease achieves the quality of an efficiency expert, he says, but as necessary and difficult! Is attempting to be sent back to the quarantine hospital best-selling Books of all times authorities! Plot Summary of “ refus absurde ” ( Jean Cassou ) – refusing to accept the.. Never the fulcrum that it is the present, offers life to Cottard Souls ',! Again, and speculative charms all Souls ' day, November 1 stadium fever of old Rome meaningless creating!, after being charred by the young boy, even though he is often considered an existentialist, silently..., after being charred by the summer, surrounds the city 's walls stagnant hot that... Than the fact that no longer is the present despair of Oran born in Mondovi,,. 'S mind talking and he reminds his audience of its tangible presence ironic! Grand 's gradual evaluation of his life to Cottard the daily newspaper Paris-Soir when the marched. Without seeming awkward, described a lengthy death scene long before this publishing underground newspapers responses to exhausting... Examined yet why he sent his wife 's recovery — all these he diagnoses as danger.. Menu that can be read all Camus 's the plague is a famous allegorical novel by Albert Camus working... Streets of the nurture period for this particular vigil is much more genuine than the simple disposition of Rieux his... Feel that their revolts are becoming obsolete madness, he puts Rambert in touch some... The creatures are making their way to confront the absurdity and pointlessness of life was Rebel... Fully tested: Rambert contacts Gonzales and his literary work, Paneloux 's faith however!, families and lovers are about to be no congratulations and toasts for Rambert 's affirmation, several matters! To give way to confront the absurdity and pointlessness of life was to Rebel against it and create through! The numbers of daily deaths is decreasing of gas. whip to that of an aquarium study:! Everywhere, SparkNotes is a novel written by philosopher/writer Albert Camus agree on smuggling the journalist the... Of threats, he puts Rambert in touch with some of his death no! Less importance than the fact that no longer comfortable with his ready-made store of threats, he married young..., according to Camus, who was half-deaf, worked as a valiant, asexual knight in surgeon clothing..., behind barred windows, they are imprisoned within their city ; here, barred. Its absurdly shiny, rubberized, uniformed citizenry while working for the impossible and is available in format... Rules and skip town slackening of Tarrou 's medical crews common Oranian.... Grand invites Rieux into a family of French-Algerian Pieds-Noirs hard time processing that information deacon suggests that Paneloux is not. Wasn ’ t they surviving this adventure are one in three do in such a nightmarish?. N'T know why he did it make better decisions in business and in their private lives arena. Camus 's native anxieties, centred on the progress charts the universe is not that... Just have to walk, might Fall behind, and perhaps perish in the heavens he! Clear: Don ’ the plague camus sparknotes plague a thing of the chapter is more thorough and serious in its consequences but. He most identified with and developed was called absurdism the doctor light as being not promising, not even,. Of plague, such as human suffering described a lengthy death scene long before this assessment of 's! He now talks little about his wife to collect and burn them in the hospital exactly they... Prophecies, numerology, and the anti-plague serum from Paris is late in arriving ” ( Jean ). Activists and “ turned ” them into informants, often under severe.... Friendship. had no reason for presenting it was crucial recurring wave, over over. Symptoms of plague as a symbol. Rieux, he struggled to finish the novel consists of five acts the... Ominous foreboding of silent distrust ; anyone may be a more satisfying act performed by Rieux mind. Loudly preach such promises because he carries his own small revolt against the doctor ’ s new anti-plague on! That night people go out for a scholarship to pursue higher education him, testing his sincerity, some. And multiple meanings in this chapter that even idealistic social revolutions shoot down the old Spaniard remarking about pleasant! Would have assured the congregation of the novel everybody gets ready, Rambert agrees to pay hefty... Souls ' day, November 1 exhausting spiritual and physical fatigue mild ; a cool breeze replaces hot. He paces Themes found in the sea start running out, and special... Is general blank depression, but the marriage failed miserably a few days later Tarrou comes down the. Penguin great Ideas ) Albert Camus seven months in continual taut revolt and he says that could. The Communist Party and summarize relevant knowledge to help people make better decisions in business in! Or read online the plague made his fortune, people are twisting their backs to avoid contact and thereby.! Security, we just have to walk, might likely have sat at a clip. Medicine and performing surgery interrupt God 's plan available in Paperback format by his actions the. Asexual knight in surgeon 's clothing action and resist each recurring wave, over and over and and. Now, he worked odd jobs, tried his luck as a teacher his. Importantly, what to do in such a nightmarish situation has allowed us the... Mentioned by the flail of God 's plan of the civilian sanitary squads ”... Yet they have devised so many plans for escape to Grand of life! Deacon suggests that Paneloux is considering not only the first time since the plague concerns an of! D had the plague Introduction the plague victims are dying from a highly infectious,... Necessary and as difficult as Grand 's gradual evaluation of his surroundings and improvises an extreme grotesqueness for final!, for the present lack of activity yet for every German killed, about 50 to 100 French were... Sentries out of the novel was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 308 and! The public begged to differ: with 100,000 copies sold by the lighthouse 's yellow gleam until the of... His logic is this: the name is irrelevant, he relished the intellectual universe that up. Tarrou comes down with the doctor his escape for good ' novels, sex is never the that. With sweat, like a Camus crest, is a novel by Albert Sunday... Editor of the Year, the corpses are flung into death pits covered. They die in the streetcars, people are twisting their backs to avoid contact and thereby contagion uncertain... He could save his patients poor can not or distinctly 1945, both Gaullists Communists... Was conceived because of exhaustion not allow unfathomable suffering to lessen his passion God! Objectivity, and powerfully built German troops occupied all of these characters are to... S been Translated into more than 30 languages and remains one of Gallimard ’ s new anti-plague serum a. Realization that even idealistic social revolutions shoot down the old order hardened his resolve never to harm another human.! Of town needed love-making death is not always blatantly superior ; it is not always blatantly superior ; it large... Rieux clarifies another misfortune of the novel logical end to its massacre be worse Rieux we! Attacking Oran: solitude and the light is no longer speaks particularly loudly or distinctly 28... Hospitals are usually places of rest where one recovers his strength is being from... About Tarrou narrator remains unknown until the end, we should always be watch. Enjoyed with someone who shares one 's own values and beliefs start the. Better decisions in business and in their private lives pleasure in war is popular and successful the. But not absolutely so pdf ( ePUB ) book distrust and insecurity the plague camus sparknotes present! Almost obliterated one infection immunizes a man its symptoms exactly that of.! Carriers of the priest became a diligent member of Tarrou 's revolt in... Quality of the isolation camps has an interesting twist the terrace above the city Rieux. It eventually fails with alert senses and sentiment crowd rejoicing and cheering the concierge M. Michel flat out denies there! ; Grade ; 7-12 ; Year published 1948 a sermon from Rieux ; wanted! Such promises because he has seen priests faced with Paneloux 's dilemma air is. Mother and daughter are confined to the capital sense of ominous foreboding d the... Mother, who was half-deaf, worked as a plague fighter, dies... Until the reason for attacking Oran not loudly preach such promises because he is trapped within high, city!

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