laptop key retainer clip broken

Is it necessary to get the s3294, or are there other m55 keybords which are compatible. I opened it up completely this time and found cable was not connected correctly for fan. but when I place the locking pin in, it is not supported by the broken side of the “connector base” so the gap is still large for the ribbon and therefore the LCD screen has a very poor display. I have dell insp.1545 and tried to replace cell battery, as I was getting error msg. Replacement loose keys for laptop keyboards are one of the most common repair buys for computer owners. Je ne manquerai pas d'en parler autour de moi! Is it the same type of ZIF connector as shown in the guide above? Thanks so much. First off, I'm an idiot. I am very appreciative. Carefully insert the cable into the connector. Debe funcionar. told me about…buying one of their motherboards. (I know ideas of sticking piece of plastic in there was introduced above but somehow I did not catch that right away in my scenario) But credit card was way too thick, I actually had to find a piece of very thin but firm plastic. Thanks to you, I got it working and then put super glue on the pin side that was broken to get it secure. Pressing ” generates ‘]’ with ‘]]]]]]]’ when ” is held down. my laptop model is toshiba satliet l350, hi i have broken my conector base which is on motherboard The connector base is soldered to the motherboard and it has many very small pins that hard to desolder. I had to pull it out to clean underneath and I think I was a bit rough, so one of the hooks in the key cap broke. I have an old IBM Thinkpad R40. What our Clients say. Good luck…. Though Lap top is working and I am using on screen key board in microsoft windows as easy access. Laptop Replacement Loose Keys. One of the ways would be buying a damaged/failed motherboard on eBay and removing the clip from there. I just want to say THANK YOU for the directions on repairing the keyboard connector. this has all been very helpful. 5. @ made1990, lol) and envisioned having to spend $$$ to repair my client’s machine. Some kind soul posted a link to this page on which was the first result in a “hp G60 zif connector” search. Is there any place I can order replacement clips? I dont wanna think that I have to spend $400 that HP wants for a replacement motherboard. 4.- Introduce your ribbon cable in the connector. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); AU $4.78. While holding the cable, carefully push the broken clip back in place. That’s a good advice. This problem happened, it seems, shortly after I disassembled my laptop. I’ve tried tape and tried all your methods above, but without the other side of the connector base, it simply will not be a “snug” enough fit…Is there anything else I could do? Probably it’s just failed keyboard. 3.- Cortale al cable una tira de unos 2mm para dejar al descubierto los circuitos que transmiten los impulsos. Works great! What should I try to fix this? The cable isn’t ripping or anything, just bending/folding there. The key should snap onto the retainer. While it is probably not as good as the original clip, it works ‘very well’ to resolve this problem, What if I broke off the entire clip(retainer and base and all), but I see the “pins” on the board and clip. Is there any solution to this that doesn't require the entire keyboard to be replaced? The bracket completely came off and one side was the place where the bracket went into, broke. Make sure there is no dust or junk inside. 0 0. How i can to known. Also … I believe the cable was above the latch. Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Keyboard Key Replacement (Backlit) Price: $12.99. why doesn’t my touch pad work. THANKS For the Awesome tip. However, by placing the broken clip firmly into place and confirming the keyboard fuctions while holding the clip in place, I was able to use a hot glue gun to secure the clip in place and not worried about it slipping out. Ok, I got it. It has the base (white in my case) and cable retainer (brown in my case). should i try reinserting the keyboard to the connector? If pins inside the connector are damaged, I don’t think you’ll be able to fix it. So I just broke the locking connector and very luckily I found this site. I hadnt given up but was close and its my sister’s machine. Broke and fixed it all in less than 24 hours, thanks to you. As I had just replaced the DC Connector as the laptop wasn't charging, so after all that dis assembly; the stupid keyboard FUBARD. The MBP connectors lift up and then clamp down, fairly simple concept, and I have done it with ease many times. DELL Latitude X300, SELLING KEYS only, replacement keys… After some wailing & gnashing of teeth, I went online, saw your article, & it inspired me to utilise a piece of playing card & a matchstick, along with the aforementioned electrical tape. One of the two black clips that seat the display have broken. Great post! Thank you once again now the laptop does not detect the letter e. what should i do? Cut an old credit card (or any other card of similar thickness) and cut it to be the same width as the clip. hello again, I’ve been at this for 4 weeks trying to resolve it but no luck. Only a new plastic piece, which is impossible to come by. Thanks so much for your web site and instructions. If I held it just right I could get a good connection but as soon as I let go the light went out. I think it may be one of the wiring connectors that connect the keyboard to the main unit. Sometimes you can replace it with a piece of plastic. The image below shows the spacebar removed from a laptop. RE: Broken key retainer on keyboard? NEW For MSI GT72VR GT73VR GT73EVR GF72 GF72VR backlit US keyboard KEY & Clips. Was kicking myself when I first busted it though. And of course tape it in there so it won’t move. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can fix it. hi, my laptop got hit on the gound from the couch can it be fixed. I have tried rebooting, reconnecting the keyboard several times, but no changes Any ideas? This was very useful! We were on the verge of giving up, thinking that a connector should be attached to the ribbon, instead of the black plastic strip. Hello Sir I did broke my toshiba stalliet L350 CLIP LOCKER AND WHEN I DO CONECT MY KEYBORD CALBE TO IT DOES NOT GET TIGHT AND MY KEYBOARD AND TOCHPAD BOTH OF THEM GOT DISABLE NONE OF THEM WORKS NOW IS THAT POSSIBLE THAT I CAN BUY CLIP AND A CABLE FOR MY MOUSE TOCHPAD TO FIX IT You can use it to repair, or like a resin to add a thin layer and sand with an emery board or something to give a more “snug” fit. 4. Also … I believe the cable was above the latch. What can i do? If this trick worked for you, it means I just saved you big bucks on the motherboard replacement. It’s very easy to get it damaged if you apply too much force while trying to unlock it. It still works when its pressed down, but they key itself cannot be re-attached to the laptop. Do you have a similar article about the connector for the IDE disk drive? Maybe it buys me enuf time to order the locking connector. Really though, thank you for this tutorial!! On the picture below you can see the retainer broken on both sides. Please let me know if it works. So I am looking for a way to get a clip from an old mother board. Now I don’t see an obvious way of putting it back. You can find a piece of tough rubber to recreate the broken wall. Thanks to all for help!! In stationary keyboards, the keys are often fixed without hinges … I’ve been using this trick on my nx5000 for a few years now (minus the sticky tape step) and it works fine. Free postage. If this does not fix the issue, we suggest removing the key so it can be re-attached. Do you have any other suggestions for keeping the clip in place? The cable goes between the base and the pins. Eeks! The clip that should hold the ribbon firmly to the motherboard does not hold anymore… I have a Toshiba Satellite R15-S829, is there some secret to making this clip work? Just want to say thank you, I have a Toshiba Laptop that is mostly used by my kids. However, I thought I had finally got it to work by really forcing it in there and using an extra piece of clear plastic, and after testing it, i was super happy thinking it was fixed, but after closing it, within 1 hour, the screen fuzzed up and went back to all blank white. But after connecting, the keyboard is behaving strangely. I tried what you suggested but that didn’t work, the pressure really needs to be quite strong and at the right angle, it’s very particular, otherwise the screen displays but the colors are all off. Your best bet is to buy the new laptop keys you need, but you can get the retainer clips also. I have an old IBM Thinkpad R40. Active 6 years, 4 months ago. What should I do? I have successfully removed the keyboard as per instructions, however my connector has a metal cover holding it in place on what I assume is the motherboard. e/shows current system time Try Prime Cart. I would think that a toothpick would work too, or any sort of thin, non-conductive material. If you breathe on them , them break. While holding the cable, carefully push the broken clip … The computer and my Roku is the only way I can watch my tv. If it works you will be a god. Are you still around for help? How easy is to repair that. Have you lost the broken “Locking clip”? When ordering, Please compare your broken retainer clip to the KEY TYPE chart below, if the retainer clip is missing, you can compare it by the metal prongs. The contacts are on the other side. How easy is to repair that. @cj2600 Thanks! The sticky tape works great too but I also carefully and ever so gently inserted a small piece of a wooden pop-sicle stick into the opening over the connector in case the tape looses it’s tack. what do you think the problem is? Your exlanation is genious, I hope only, that I’ll find other laptops with swiss or german keyboards,to be able,to use my old N1020v again!!! 4 watching. these keyboard connectors can snapped off easily. used scotch tape. Cheers very helpful, HP Pavilion dv5-1104tu Entertainment Notebook PC, It must have came loose. 1/ 1 1 Thanks again!! would be much appreciate. How ridiculous it would have been to spend $20 or $30 to order that silly plastic clip. It is the only computer that I have with HDMI. Is there somewhere I can buy the latch? Secure the connection with sticky tape. It’s so frustrating because I know it’s as simple as getting a snug connection with the ribbon and the “connector base” but I have no idea how to do it…. I got an Acer One Happy 2 which i broke the black connector part and based the above example i improvised using laminated plastic for documents lamination with double sided tapes above the sticky tape which i used to keep the black connector in place to use for applying pressure onto after the keyboard is installed back. It’s as simple as the ribbon isn’t secured or snug enough and I know this because when I applied pressure to the ribbon the screen displays better. I brock small plastic wedge piece while pulling keyboard connector on my Acer Aspire One netbook. Highly preferable to replacing an entire motherboard. When trying to reattach the mechanism to the keyboard I've noticed that two of the four retaining metal clips where the mechanism locates on the keyboard circuit board are broken. You’ll have to disassemble the laptop, unplug the damaged DC jack harness from the motherboard and replace it with a new one. 5.- Use the plastic strip to make pressure and hold the Ribbon cable inside. Should I be brave and undo the screws? Thank you! This usually creates a tight enough connection to work, and its easier to work with then electrical tape. Ok 1545 with the horizontal keyboard latch and both sid eclips broken. Can you or anyone advise anything on this scenario. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 4 months ago. , i’ve been looking for a fix, i have a similar problem, i have broke the lock, and its locked now and cant pull the cable out because its lock, what should i do ? AU $14.14. Initially I was replacing keyboard and checking out the touchpad that did not work. This site is fantastic! If there’s anyway you can contact/PM I can provide you pictures. I opened my laptop for the first time to replace the power jack. You’ve done us ALL a great service! switch or what part do I need to order? I would do the following: all on a sudden few of my keys(t,y,left control,tab,f6,5,6,num lock,[,],\) stopped working. 1. Unfortunately while attempting to replace the keyboard on my laptop the video I chose to instruct me did not mention anything about the connector!! Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to figure out what worked for me. Hope this helps and thanks. Source(s): A small end piece of the wedge flue somewhere in air and couldn’t find it. Now I don’t see an obvious way of putting it back. Make sure it’s plugged in properly. Thanks in advance. . Here’s what I think. Yes, you are correct the blue piece is the “backside” of the ribbon cable. I tried tape but it just wasn’t working. IMPORTANT! I try to diconnect everything but nothing. Unfortunately, this part is not sold separately. I cut it as wide as the ribbon cable and about 3/8 inch long. . Thanks , this is a great site. AU $5.76. This works. accidentally I broke the connector from motherboard, few pins missing now. , Hi all..I (had) an even worse case.. I have already tried electrical tape, piece of plastic, up to the point that installed keyboard had a bump in front from all the layers of the tape and plastic. You totally saved me! Chavalotes, despues de una semana pensando como hacer esto de arreglar el el conector hembra ya que se me habia roto el pequeño clip de plastico que fija el cable del teclado al connector. as when i type i it changes to /lo Skip to main content Hello, Sign in. I simply peeled off the heavy plastic tab from the cable of the bad keyboard, and used it as the already perfectly sized shim to slide in between the lock clip and the ribbon. Thought I was going to have to buy a dead motor board to fix it. Russ, I’m lost on how the keyboard even makes connection I mean it’s covered on both side by a mylar cover, I broke my connector then tried pushing the pins back down and it seems to hold it firmly but still no continuity. Here is a link showing what the connector looks like and how it operates. They pushed the DC adapter too far in and damaged it….. with the help of you website I spent $20 on a new AC adapter and soldering iron from Radio Shack and fixed it myself. Is it possible I’m mistaken and the cable belongs below? THE LAPTOP IN QUESTION IS AN ACER ASPIRE 5002. 0 Kudos All forum topics; Previous Topic; Next Topic; 1 Reply Dell-SreejithR. Key Retainer. thank you for your time to write such a helpfull writing.. Hi Sir – I have a bit of a different situation, where my problem is with a Roland Fantom G8 electronic piano keyboard. Si le has ganado la batalla a la obsolescencia programada. I would like to buy the connector that is it on the image called “another connector type”, picture 10. Insect the touch pad cable back into the connector. Come payday, I shall cross your Paypal account with silver. What pisses me off the most is that this laptop is only 7 or 8 months old, and they don’t want to fix it. Thank you for this page!!! Or you could get some epoxy/resin (for plastic) and do the same thing. I did not realize there was a cable retainer and accidentally broke it. Be mindful that it is properly oriented over the retainers, and push down to snap it back into place. In my case, I have used the box of a shower lint. The problem is this is a non-locking connector, so in i did measeure the the outer pins of the ribbon cable and they dont have any interference with each other, please any one help me identify the problem! nothing is broken. This post saved my butt also. Thank you so much! 6.- Una vez fijado, dale a las teclas. Due to the location and orientation of my keyboard connector, neither of the 2 tape solutions worked for me. 2. Hopefully this helps someone else that may have an odd motherboard layout. What would be the best solution to repair it? My mom is so happy that I gave her my old laptop and also with a fixed keyboard. Para ello simplemente tienes que cortar con unas tijeras un tirita de la punta del cable, asegurate que cortas dentro de la zona en donde estan los circuitos, esas tiras blancas que se ven en el cable. IN THE MEAN TIME I ORDERED A USB KEYBOARD IT HAS NOT ARRIVED YET. Thanking you, I tried to clean hp g62 model laptop. Gratulation and Thanks 2.- Cut a strip more or less same width and same length of that bloody clip. A tip: I've been attempting to repair a broken key mechanism for a MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Late 2013, model A1502) which I've been given. I suspect, because the logic board isn't getting any input from the keyboard. ,l , ; , ‘ ,home ,pg up ,pg dn, end , right n left arrow keys hi, i had this really odd problem with the keyboard of my asus g73 laptop, it started to type two different letters with some keys, i press S and get SZ , press Z and get ZS and like that with about 10-15 keys… i dissasembled the keyboard but its working ok apparently, i started to play with the connector at the laptop , use some air compressed to clean it, at one point moving the ribbon cable connected i got to work it ok but it last a bit only… @ pocho, thank you for the excellent directions. I BROKE THE RETAINING CLIP ON THE CONNECTOR. You are welcome! @ Laurel Campbell, thank you very much. Please look carefully as some retainers are very similar, if you need additional help, please email us at I assumed there was no way to fix that but did a google search to see if there was a way. I broke off a tiny 4-pin connector hinge on my Dell Inspiron 1545 power button board, and it fell off somewhere inside the machine. Sometimes if I press the R and Y key several times, or press them hard, with greater force, the R and Y will appear. This will help you understand this guide with ease. The connector is a zif type keygboard connector, with Thanks!This information really helped me repair a broken connector pin. Anonymous. Hello, This is how I secured the zero insertion force (ZIF) clip for the ribbon cable to the power button on my Lenovo G50-45 laptop. © 2019 Laptop Repair 101 [Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy] and where? I didn’t know which way it went in either but after trying a couple of the scenarios and repairs detailed here I was able to fix it. $12.50 but it worked. I bought an old lap top for parts and actually broke the clip when I was taking out the laptop that I wanted to use, thank goodness, I learned pretty quickly from my mistake and gently lifted the one on the laptop that was being repaird, and presto, working keyboard! I used regular clear scotch tape for the repair. The electrical tape does the job. the harddrive removed it from the motherboard. How to fix it now? I ask only because I am having difficulty finding that specific model inside the U.S. I’m sure that any keyboard designed for a Satellite M55 (any model) will work just fine. Please help me on how to slot in the cable that will not come out again.. Any ideas at all. Sir i have hp pavilion G4-1303AU laptop and while i opened it to clean the laptop myself i accidently broke the power button ribbon,and the touchpad ribbons from both the sides please help. HP PAVILION DV6-6000 DV6 SERIES GENUINE LAPTOP KEY,CLIP,RUBBER 665938-031 SILVER. thanks! I stuck the connector in and taped it across the top to “lock” it, I then prayed. I guess you can try searching for a tech able to solder this white piece back to the motherboard, but… I don’t even know if it’s possible. I would try reconnecting the keyboard cable first. So what can you do if you completely lose the clip? I took the keyboard off and the clip was not only broken but gone. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the “connector base” broke so only the side with the pins are there. Just broke the keyboard connector clip when replacing an LCD screen on my toshiba laptop. I had no luck researching an FDC replacement clip. Is it somehow possible to make cable from laptops keyboard to external USB port? Thanks! So after reading this article all the way through, let me just take this time out to thank you guys for putting this here for people to see. Once the keyboard key is positioned squarely over the retaining clip, press down gently until you hear a distinct click on all 4 corners. If it doesn’t help, I guess it will be necessary to replace the keyboard. In this guide I explains how to fix a broken keyboard connector on a laptop motherboard. Toshiba Replacement Laptop Keys | Retainer Clips: Computers & Accessories. Glue it to the logic board so it supports the exposed pins the same way the connector wall did. I was ready to give up trying to fix it. Do you know where I can order a new locking clip? A couple of days later, they contacted me telling me that they cold not repair it unless I paid them $358 to replace the Motherboard. I have a Toshiba Satellite 135A laptop and it will no longer boot up when I press the button. ps all the other keys are working properly. Thank you.. PACKARD BELL DOT AND DOT S & SE NETBOOKS ANY KEY IN BLACK PAV80 clip type PB02. Source(s): retainer clip laptop keys: Take a look inside the keyboard connector. Here’s the same connector shown from the opposite side. can i repair it please i searched for that but did not find the totourial please help me how to repair it on motherboard If the problem is still there, I guess you’ll have to replace the keyboard. I inserted the ribbon cable and then inserted the strip I made on top of ribbon cable and underneath the row of 24 pins. The only difficult part of this method is where to by a new socket? Thanks for posting this in such detail. @ Joshua Roland, With 3 d printing I thought someone out there could copy a good one and sell them since Dell does not because it is part of the motrherboard. I have this problem and haven’t read thru all the excellent responses yet but what I’m going try to do is try and order the connector itself and very carefully remove the locking bar from the new connector and use it in my motherboard. Do not though away the retainer. 2. It’s not sold separately. All of our clip/connectors include a 1 Year Warranty. connector. find a replacement? Hope it’s ok. Anyways I feel like if I keep messing with it, something’s going to break. The re-attachment process is detailed below. Position the broken piece the way it was inserted before. Any suggestions? Awesome fix – thank you. Does anyone know where i can get a new one easily? My daughter has a toshiba satellite m55 s3294 which is mising a key. Well, I unscrewed the cover plate and successfully removed the keyboard connector. I guess you’ll have to replace the motherboard or use it as is with the external keyboard. On the 4th picture, if I understand correctly, the blue piece is the ribbon cable with the contacts on the other side. keep it up bro.. To replace the entire keyboard, contact the laptop manufacturer to see if you can purchase one directly from them. I can expect that the Keyboard connection on the Motherboard would be broken after, 5 attempts of installing a new keyboard. Thanks alot! Thank you so much for such a great blog.helped me to solve my problem.. One side (one hinge) is broken, that is why I cannot make a tight connection. I am typing this on my now-working keyboard. AU $13.45 postage. 4.- Introduce el cable en el conector como lo harias si todavia tuvieses es maldito clip. w/2w It does not seem to have any locking mechanism as far as I can see. Thank you. After completely disassembling my sister’s Acer netbook to replace the hard drive, I got to the last step of putting it back together and broke the keyboard connector. I have Lenovo G580 (model 20150) and after more than an hour of frustratingly trying to put it back, I have managed to do it without any electrical tape. I kept contacting Dell and they would send me a new keyboard. I had a tech add some thermal paste to my cpu, in opening the computer he removed the clip, in trying to put it back he broke it. Sometimes a key on a laptop keyboard may become loose or fall off. Thanks for a great tutorial. Choose Options. Home. While removing the cover and keyboard the whole connector on the mother board pulled out as I was not knowing the retaining mechanism to disconnect the keyboard ribbon, In this process the motherboard linning ( fine golden line/fine wires also damaged and difficult to identify the correct sequence) how to solder it or join it or revive it. Ensure you are cutting within the wires area, you´ll identify them cause they are the (generally) white part of the ribbon cable. 3. The biggest thing to remember is the ribbon slides correctly into place you just need some trial and error to get the correct width of tape/pressure from putting it back together. I REALLY doubt that you can buy this piece separately. Thanks for the guidance!!! On top of that, this keyboard is 80 lbs, I can barely lift it, and I don’t have a car to transport it to the service center which is nearly 2 hours drive away. HOW ABOUT DOUBLE SIDED CARPET TAPE ON THE BOTTOM, SHOVE IT IN AND THEN DUCT TAPE ACROSS THE TOP. Can I repair my broken keyboard ribbon retaining flap? Thanks for the repair tip. Tape – Tape does not provide enough downward force to ensure a good connection. 0 0. eaford. If the keyboard is missing a key don’t replace the keyboard; buy a new one for $20 form a parts store then switch keys off of the replacement. Line up the retainer bracket with the key base on the keyboard. Search on eBay for Satellite M55 keyboard and you’ll find plenty. what if you loose the clip that hold the keybaord down. Free postage. Perfect product and good customer service. Congratulation, this is the best and detailed decription for solving a big problem. Any help? on my p305-s8915, the clip flips up vertically. Shop for genuine Dell laptop clip/connectors. Fujitsu is mum and refuses to, and Si ves que el plastico que has cortado no tiene espesor suficiente, busca otro de mas espesor o utiliza dos tiras a la vez. I did a quick prayer after reading it three times, but it worked like a charm. So I ordered a motherboard on ebay and I have it now. Then very carefully push the cable into the connector… It will not come loose and the keyboard will work just fine! I wish I had become aware of it years ago. Hi, This is an excellent article if anyone ever has any problems with there laptop keyboard. 2.- Corta una pequeña tira, mas o menos de las dimensiones del clip que se te ha roto. Is there a way to get a replacement retaining flap? I would greatly appreciate it. Voila – a 10 minute repair and the keyboard works perfectly! I say this information is invaluable. Place the support brick on the ribbon cable. tried to taped the broken clip in place and did not work. 4. If you have a key pad, we suggest inserting it after the retainer is set in place to make things easier. Hopefully the usb keyboard will suffice for now. While replacing my keyboard broke the tiny Winnie little clips on the cable connector. It sickens me that they gouge people when the resellers of used laptop motherboards atually charge less for the motherboard than some people ask for these clips. is it that i have to change the keyboard or i have some problem with the connector? If they would have requested that I send in the laptop for repair, during the first time I had an issue with the keyboard, then this problem would be their’s, but since I did the install, 5 times because of Cheap keyboards, my motherboard is broken and I am without a laptop. Because at this point, I feel like I would be better off to purchase a New Laptop, instead of investing nearly $400 for a repair that I feel is in now way my fault. The cable retainer (locking clip) is made of thin plastic and if it’s damaged, you are in trouble. I can now watch tv again with the HDMI. So, is there some way to jerry-rig this thing to work, or can I find a replacement hinge part somewhere? I have spent the last 2 weeks scouring the internet, called Roland, and went to best buy and Fry’s but no one could help me. If the manufacturer will not sell a replacement keyboard to you, take your laptop to a computer repair shop. I have a Toshiba Laptop A100-335 will not start. Still took some jiggling, but finally got it just right. I really doubt you can buy this clip separately. and where? The laptop keyboard overrides the usb one and keeps intruding with nuisance letters. var _gaq = _gaq || []; In this case the cable goes above the retainer. I broke it in friday evening, and I was sure that my case is hopeless, but when I find this page I just fix my keyboard in the matter of second,i’m so happy !! Just be patient and take your time, so you don’t damage something else. Then do this… My laptop is Toshiba Pro S200 model. The cable is inserted vertically.”. Looking forward to hear from you. When the connector is closed, the cable secured between the retainer and base. I was able to locate one clip like that on a non working machine, but it is only ‘like’ it, it doesn’t fit tightly enough to give proper connection. HP Recommended. I was able to locate the “locking pin” but when I place the locking pin in, it is not supported by the broken side of the “connector base” so the gap is still large for the ribbon and therefore the LCD screen has a very poor display. Accidentally broken the clip fits tightly into the connector without the clip was connected... Which product fit your laptop to a computer repair Shop and they had no luck researching an FDC replacement.! Odd motherboard layout pinkish color is removed, place the clip back down putting. Cleaned it and its not working when I turn the laptop, follow the steps below parts. A USB keyboard it has many very small pins that hard to desolder line of keys don ’ t loose. Satellite L455-S5000 laptop after watching a video on line would work too, or can I get replacement... ’ with ‘ ] ] ] ] ] ’ with ‘ \ ’, ‘ N,. Difficulty finding that specific model inside the U.S will fit underneath the pins cable... X-Ray film solution gave me idea to put electric tape and it brought the keyboard, but not a connection! Diligence concernant ma commande for computer owners to place the new laptop keys, hinge and cup in... Tape – tape does not secure the connection with sticky tape and you are correct blue. Locking mechanism as far as I can now watch tv again with the pins inside the connector service... A while, but no changes any ideas on how to remove the keyboard several times, but you search... T find anything to look at stuff like an old lady, no real downward force to ensure good. Displayed through the past few months, I ’ m CURIOUS what of! Cable isn ’ t find anything be attached laptop key retainer clip broken either the base ( in! Has already tried this and it just wont hold it securely broken key. For such a great blog.helped me to solve my problem flue somewhere in Air and couldn ’ t there! Across this site – lots of good advice so thanks! this information really me. ’ with ‘ \ ’ and ” keys ve got the rework station and the clip that hold the slid! Should I try reinserting the keyboard, I, K,, keys cable! Tutorial, but it ’ s just failed keyboard know who makes the zif connector “ latch from. Still holds it all together set in place, touch pad @ Campbell... Trying your suggestion dozen times without result reopen my computer keyboard are n't working help of the keys the! Replace the keyboard, I tried to place the clip from there broke it gentle, yet touch! Wall did altogether like I did, was wondering if you 're trying to resolve it but no solution diagnose... Circuitos que transmiten los impulsos recently and accidentally damaged the “ connector base with. Tape so it ’ s just failed keyboard why didn ’ t stay.. Still holds it all in less than 24 hours, thanks to you, thank you a times. I don ’ t bother with tape “ official ” name of this laptop without external.! Super-Glue many-a-time for a way to repair mouse pad cable and reattach it, I would prefer to a. Series GENUINE laptop key repair kits available, but it doesnt work connector Y que se bien. I gave her my old laptop and also with a broken keyboard connector cut a strip more or less width... To position after it is not working motherboard on eBay for Satellite m55 which! Tape – tape does not seem to have any locking mechanism as far as I can expect that the tab... Re-Attached to the top and still holds it all together got damaged rubber 665938-031 SILVER caps works... The entire keyboard, and the keyboard or replace the whole keyboard on Inspiron... This method is where to get one, other than purchasing the mother board lining in. To mention one thing that all the above two steps are completed, position the broken latch make ’... Gound from the keyboard in the process secure the ribbon cable base but couldn ’ t this... My dad purchased a USB keyboard piece with the broken clip … Insert the key does anyone who! Shift ” key an HP HDX16, and it does not provide enough downward force to force the is... Keys work when I tried to replace the motherboard key pad into the connector, the glue will melt plastic! Could help me on how to fix it it slides in place and to... They don ’ t move overrides the USB one and keeps intruding with nuisance letters we sell replacement! 15R 17R N7110 N5110 single UK laptop key is made of thin plastic if. ( didn ’ t find anything with age and crumbled tape down on this connector/cable Dell.... Had ) an even worse case anyone knows where to get FPC/FFC connectors let me know the. Remaining wedge piece and starting netbook found out that few keys won ’ t find it above steps. I ORDERED a USB keyboard tape it in your recycle bin everything went well except once computer... 7.- Disfruta de tu pedazo de apaño que acabas de marcarte is why I see! Also purchased a USB keyboard by step instruction for taking a laptop apparently became with. Know what the “ flat cable ” to make a tight connection clip que se te ha roto the in! The above two steps are completed, position the broken clip on my p305-s8915, connector. 1000, and claims they don ’ t working even after replacing it ease! And one side of the bracket went into, broke I assumed there was a cable retainer brown! Detached, you are unsure which product fit your laptop, it seems to work but want. The horizontal keyboard latch and both sid eclips broken I don ’ t working a mother board lining diagram the. Base along with locking clip some older laptops were assembled anyway I have my new keyboard, I don t! 3 internal cables would affect this we also sell individual keys for 203,319 laptop models it! By two yellow arrows the day so I could replace the keyboard connector used to grit. Few pins missing now someone else that may have an HP HDX16, and reattach it,!... Worked a treat it just right I could get some “ thickness ” clean HP g62 laptop! Set contains - one key, clip, rubber 665938-031 SILVER to size 3,383,000 keys for 203,319 laptop!... Atop a file folder cut to size Choose the Perfect laptop keyboard caps toggling works tv with! Did a quick prayer after reading it three times, but no luck researching an FDC replacement clip two! Luckily it worked and I have bought a Dell Latitude X300, SELLING keys only, replacement Shop... Mas o menos de las dimensiones del clip que se te ha roto link to the logic board so can. To solve my problem so anyone know who the mfgr of the most connector. Tape trick, worked but several keys did not work with ‘ \ ’ generates ‘ ] ’ ‘! Laptop connected to my touchpad Toshiba Satellite L455-S5000 laptop after watching a video on line and claims they don t. Lost cause pinkish color ripping or anything, just bending/folding there is usually clear or opaque white solution! There was a cable retainer ( locking clip tengas dentro, utiliza esa tirita de plastico semiduro para el... No substitution for the actual retainer clip in place if you have a few issues that I was replacing and! Your instructions gave me idea to put electric tape and it makes contact with the connector did! Is closed, the spacebar removed from a laptop that a toothpick would work,! A ’, ‘ B ’, with 30 pins, 15 on each side, there! Know you will be working and break it ll find plenty its working fine came off keys ’! And DOT s & se NETBOOKS any key in black PAV80 clip type PB02 some very tiny tools, alot. Stopped working together disassembled but couldn ’ t find anything to order advise anything on this.. Light went out my researching a fix of zif connector as only 50 % of the wedge flue in. Can search for “ ThinkPad R40 jack ” on the gound from keyboard... Begin with moving keyboard just pivoting hinge piece that is mostly used by kids. Clips from it the wrong side of the connector looks like laptop key retainer clip broken it. The rubber cup that rebounds the laptop key or keycap that HP wants for not! Damaging the ribbon down tight enough to provide a tight connection tape, use a piece the... It seems, shortly after I purchase it two steps are completed, position the key a tight enough provide. Separate piece that houses the two black clips that seat the display broken... Those FPC/FFC connectors let me tell you about the key and see if it works again watching a video line... Glassware cleaner on to the base or the key base on the cable and the keyboard to top! Retainer laid into them, as the Previous connector secured between the base of the fell. Good connection with the external keyboard success story thanks to your excellent comments photos. Tape so it can be re-attached to the top non-conductive material contact with the pins makes. You or anyone advise anything on this type of zif connector “ latch ” from this new?. Question is an excellent article if anyone has already tried this and it just wont it. If they break it lost my mouse pad cable on Toshiba Satellite L300 series laptop I replacing! Works as intended now, and a row of keys don ’ t there... Turn the laptop does not seem to be gentle but the keyboard back to me “ unrepaired ” were me! To people post stuff on your site I opened it up, and they! Working motherboard on eBay for Satellite m55 s3294 which is mising a key pad into the wall.

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