diesel generator won't stay running

If you can't run it while stored, consider disconnecting the fuel line and with no load on the generator, running it out of fuel. Started and ran great, but when I turned the a/c switch to on it showed nothing for volts or hz and no fault either. I have a HLP 3000 military 3kw diesel generator set. How to Better Maintain Your Diesel Fuel System; The Biggest Problems With Power Stroke 6.0 Liter Diesel Engines; How to Protect Your 7.3 Power Stroke; 13 Things About the 7.3 Power Stroke Engine You May Not Have Known; 2 Common Reasons Diesel Fuel Injectors Fail (And How To Prevent It) 5 Diesel Engine Myths : Busted It gives a failure code of 36 which I think means it, lost it's prime. Onan Generator Starts Then Shuts Down: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide. Diesel Generator won't stay running. Q: Why is my generator running but is not producing power to my coach? Once you have everything on hand, it’s time to tackle the “ Onan generator starts but won’t stay running ” issue. The manual says to hold the start button down for a minute or so to prime then push start. All … Is the fuel pump forcing fuel through the generator without receiving a signal to … Brett If your diesel generator won’t stop and just keeps running, FIRST check the following suggestions.. If the breaker is jammed in the OPEN position, arrange for the MCCB to be serviced. The original problem was a running generator that would shut-off after a brief time. Location: arizona. It turns over and runs for seconds then shuts off. Started it up to make sure it was still running good as I am selling it. We have seen 80,000 hours on several Power Tech units. ... My Cummins Onan 4000 generator won't start. From what I can make out, the serial number looks like KB_0282665. Along with drying out the electrical part of the generator, it keeps fresh fuel in the carburetor. A: Check the main circuit breakers on the generator. i have a lincoln commander 500 with a deutz diesel model # F3L912 that will start just fine and run for 20 seconds then shut itself off. 5500W DeVilbiss Generator (I think now they are owned by Porter Cable) 10 HP Tecumseh HM100 Engine also says 159409P on the tag I'm trying to get it running for someone. Diesel generator cranks but won’t start. View All. The average life span is over 30,000 hours. Power Continuity and Powercontinuity are registered trademarks. I can't make out the letter or number where the underscore is. As for the build date, I could not locate anything to indicate the date. It used to run, as far as I know it hasn't run in at least a year. Another reason to run the generator monthly for 45 minutes minimum under 50% minimum load. Power Continuity Tips and Guides are subject to site inspection by qualified Engineers before implementation.Power Continuity Terms and Conditions Apply. To check whether the low oil sensor is responsible for your starting troubles, disconnect the sensor by unplugging the wire that runs out of the engine’s crankcase. A well-maintained generator plays a big role in the life of your Power Tech generator. deutz won't stay running. I can spray starting fluid into the intake, choke it, engine will catch on the first pull but won't stay running. hit the start button and it fires right back up then dies after about 20 sec. Hi Gang. Keep in mind that running your generator on an uneven surface can cause the low oil sensor to misread oil levels, so simply leveling the generator could fix this problem. Re: Onan 4kw won't stay running after start button released I have a Onan 4BGEFA26101F 4KW Emerald I generator . I have a issue with my 8kw Diesel generator it will start and run for a minute then stop.

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